Christian Filmmaker Predicts Rise In Hollywood Faith-based Movies

Christian filmmaker Jon Erwin of the Erwin Brothers
Christian filmmaker Jon Erwin of the Erwin Brothers |

Christian filmmaker Jon Erwin revealed in an interview in line his Christmas Day-released movie "American Underdog" that there will be an increase in faith-based films in Hollywood.

World reported that Erwin co-manages The Kingdom Story Company which partners with Hollywood's Lionsgate in producing movies centered on the Gospel. The Kingdom Story Company is also managed by film director Andrew Erwin, Jon's brother, who has co-directed box office hits such as "The Jesus Music" that was also released this year.

World's Sharon Dierberger asked Erwin of the future of faith-based movies in Hollywood, to which he gave a positive prediction. Erwin said there is now a re-infusion of Christianity in the entertainment industry due to the timeliness of the message it conveys to people.

"I see the entertainment industry re-infused with Christianity, and I want to be part of that. It's a message of hope that people need," Erwin said.

"We need forgiveness, hope, and redemption-maybe more than we ever have. And films are a great way to touch people," he added.

Erwin disclosed that this is a great opportunity to proclaim God and the truths of the Gospel. He also shared his excitement to became a part of this pioneering endeavor that is bound to become even better in the near future.

"I think we've just scratched the surface of what can be achieved. I think other creatives are rising up, and there's this movement that we get to be part of. This is how we can serve God's purposes in our generation-as Paul said of David in Acts.," Erwin shared

"The gospel and the hope of it never changes, but the way we get it to people does. Mass entertainment is a phenomenal way to tell a story and communicate. It's cool to be an early pioneer of anything-I think we're just at the cusp of what's going to happen," he pointed out.

During the interview, Erwin disclosed that he felt the need to tell the story of NFL quarterback Kurt Warner through "American Underdog" because his story is so well known, but no one has made a movie out of it.

"I'm kind of shocked it hasn't been told. I'm even more shocked that Andy and I get to tell it, and in the Providence of things. The whole purpose of the movie is to rekindle the dreams of the audience," Erwin said.

Erwin elaborated that rekindling dreams is important during these times when the pandemic has "assaulted" so many things including people's dreams. "American Underdog" intends to inspire people that God is here to help dreams come true.

"We've been living in this year-and-a-half assault on our own dreams, so it's great to tell a story about the power of never giving up, never quitting, never stopping to believe that God has something for you that can actually come true," Erwin emphasized.

"The fact that it's being released on Christmas Day blows me away. That's a platform typically reserved for franchise superhero movies," he elaborated.

Variety said "American Underdog" has hit the "sweet spot as family-friendly entertainment" augmented by the winning performance of Zachary Levi who portrayed Warner in the movie. Besides Levi, the movie cast include Anna Paquin and Dennis Quaid and features the song "Love Changes Everything" by Vince Gill and Mickey Guyton.