Christian-Founded Company Lets You Save Unborn Babies With Your Coffee

Seven Weeks Coffee
Seven Weeks Coffee lets you enjoy the coffee you love, while supporting the life of the unborn. |

The Washington D.C.-based pro-life coffee company, Seven Weeks Coffee, is advocating for the pro-life movement.

Founded by a Christian named Anton Krecic, Seven Weeks Coffee described itself as a "a pro-life coffee movement" and a "values-based business" that sells "Direct Trade, Single Origin Speciality Coffee" with a mission to donate 10% of every purchase to pregnancy care centers all over America.

Seven Weeks Coffee named itself after the fact that at seven weeks of development, an unborn child's size is that of a coffee bean, "rapidly growing at a rate of 250,000 cells per minute." More importantly, at that stage, "for the first time, the baby's heartbeat is clearly detectable."

Krecic wrote on the company's website that it was his realiizations upon moving to Washington D.C. to pursue a political career that pushed him to open the pro-life coffee store. He was inspired by evangelist Billy Graham, who said he believed that "the next move of God would be believers making a difference in the marketplace."

Seven Weeks Coffee makes an impact not only by selling pesticide-free, specialty coffee blends through direct trade to farmers to ensure they are getting paid fairly, but also donating a portion of their revenue to support pregnancy care centers all over the U.S., Not the Bee reported. The funds go to supporting these facilities who help mothers choose life for their unborn children.

These donations are also aimed at "smaller pregnancy care centers with limited staff" and ensure that pregnant women get the prenatal care that is vital to ensuring the health of mother and child.

"I believe life is the greatest gift God has given us," Krecic told the Daily Caller. "He has a plan and purpose for each of us, and He loves every life no matter how small. If I can help protect even one life, I know I'm serving a greater purpose."

In 2021 alone, Seven Weeks Coffee earned $14,400 in sales and donated $1,440 of their profits to three organizations, namely, Mosaic Virginia, Cleveland Pregnancy Center and ICU Mobile Cuyahoga County.

A representative for Mosaic Virginia told Daily Caller that the donation is a "wonderful gift" that will go to providing "no cost medical services, peer counseling, and material resources" to women throughout their pregnancy. They also praised Seven Weeks Coffee for their "great coffee."

Not the Bee reported that Krecic was moved by two realizations he learned in Washington D.C., which was that "godly principles are lacking on both sides of the aisle," referring to political parties, and that "many organizations put profits before people." With Seven Weeks Coffee, he hopes to make a difference in the marketplace and in the community.

More pro-life efforts

Elsewhere in Washington D.C., pro-life advocates are gearing up for this year's March for Life on January 21. According to America Magazine, the 49th annual national March for Life will include a rally at the National Mall and a march to the Supreme Court, will push through this year despite the threat of COVID's Omicron variant. The District of Columbia's vaccine mandate for indoor gatherings will not affect outdoor events such as the March for Life, but people will be expected to wear face masks.

Meanwhile on January 22 at Washington's Omni Shoreham Hotel, the national Pro-Life Summit, which is sponsored by Students for Life, will take place and feature will feature former Vice President Mike Pence as its keynote speaker.


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is not a paid advertisement for Seven Weeks Coffee.