Church Of Scotland Looking To Drop ‘Husband And Wife’ Reference During Marriage Ceremonies

Marriage wedding

The Church of Scotland's general assembly will shortly evaluate a proposal to remove the phrase "husband and wife" from its rites of marriage.

According to WND, the Christian Institute called the idea "radical," and said that the religious organization's executives would discuss a particular plan to eliminate references to "husband and wife" later this month.

The church's leaders voted 345-170 three years ago to have the Legal Questions Committee draft new phrasing.

The church's marriage formalization states:

"The parties covenant together to take each other as husband and wife as long as they both shall live, and the minister declares the parties to be husband and wife."

The proposal, on the other hand, will only state:

"The parties covenant together to take each other in marriage as long as they both shall live, and the minister or deacon declares the parties to be married."

Those in the church who still define marriage according to biblical norms have been concerned that if they fail to encourage same-sex couples, they would be penalized.

"No one who does not wish to be involved in the celebration of same sex marriage shall be required to do so," said proponents of the plan.

However, a legal opinion included with the amendment cautions that there would inevitably be a clash "between conscience-based objection and the rights of those who wish to marry."

According to the church's website, the provision is meant to "allow ministers of Word and Sacrament and deacons to conduct same-sex marriages."

"The committee recognizes that there are diverse views on the subject of same-sex marriage," said Grant Barclay, a member of the Legal Questions Committee. "We are committed to ensuring that any resulting debates on this subject are held in a spirit of humility and grace, that the tone and tenor of discussions are civil, and that people are respectful of those who hold opposing views."

"No one who does not wish to be involved in the celebration of same sex marriage shall be required to do so," the proposed act states, "and this principle of protection and accommodation runs throughout the committee's thinking in drafting the legislation."

The proposal will be presented to all sectors of the church for consideration once the assembly approves it.

Meanwhile, in London, a preacher was arrested after making a speech on the Biblical understanding of marriage.

While preaching outside Uxbridge Station, Pastor John Sherwood was accused of using "homophobic" remarks. According to The Daily Mail, his arrest was conducted in such a way that he was battered and treated "shamefully,"

Furthermore, a Christian member of the Finnish Parliament risks six years in prison for allegedly committing three offenses, including "hate speech" after expressing her opinions on marriage and human sexuality on social media, television, and in a booklet.

Back in 2016, the Church of Scotland decided to allow gay pastors to marry. Theological definitions of marriage, on the other hand, were left out of the discussion to be addressed the following year.

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, which began on Saturday in Edinburgh, voted 339-215 to enable congregations to nominate persons in same-sex marriages as pastors or deacons.