County's Largest Parish Church Invites Visitors to Experience Breathtaking Tower Views


As part of the celebration of the completion of their church repairs, the largest Parish Church in Warwickshire is inviting people to explore the stunning views of their church tower. It will be open to guests on Sunday, June 4, from 2 to 4 p.m.

Breathtaking Tower Views at County's Largest Parish Church

Rugby Observer reported that due to a £59,200 or over $73,000 grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Trinity College Cambridge, the Warwickshire and Coventry Historic Churches Trust, and Coventry Diocese, the church would have an open house event to celebrate the completion of their pinnacle and weathervane repairs. Patricia Barnett, a church spokeswoman, said they could do necessary repairs on the church pinnacles displayed throughout the visit because of the funds. In addition, it reportedly presented them with the possibility of involving people of varying ages in the rich past that St. Edith's Church provides. "We are grateful to all those who supported us financially. We warmly welcome everyone to join our celebration at the end of this heritage project," Barnett added.

There will also be a selection of digital items that allow users to examine the church's architecture while staying on the ground level, making them accessible to people of all abilities. Moreover, on the open day event, there will be guided visits, a computer-generated artist's perception of the church as a monastery with monks hundreds of years ago, self-led mobile device tours of the stained-glass windows, have-a-go-at-bellringing sessions, and Medieval monk-style craft activities.

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About St Edith's Church in Monks Kirby

According to Flickr, one of the most magnificent churches in Warwickshire is St. Edith's, which can be found in Monk's Kirby. Since it was once a monastery, it was constructed on a massive scale; the aisled nave and chancel form one vessel with no structural partition, and the entire structure is built of rich red sandstone, except the subsequent upper portion of the tower, which is made of white sandstone, giving it a characteristic two-toned red and white appearance.

As mentioned, the church's interior is vast, gloomy, and cavernous, and it has the feel of a German hall church because all three aisles are almost the same height. Although no capital letters are used in the arcades, they give an arts and crafts vibe. Additionally, the windows are enormous but relatively high up, so they only let in a limited amount of light. There is also a lot of beautiful glass made by Hardman's at the west end and an outstanding Lavers & Barraud to the east. The significant points of interest are the landmarks, which include two tombs from the Tudor period, complete with effigies located in the Fielding chapel in the northeast corner, and the furnishings that are not particularly ancient.

As per National Churches Trust, the church bell tower is home to eight beautiful bells, the oldest of which dates back to 1390. As stated, an impressive structure in a serene rural environment and the stained-glass windows have garnered much praise. Accordingly, St. Edith's Church is approximately 110 feet long and 50 feet wide, making it the largest parish church in all of Warwickshire. It is believed that Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, established the first church where St. Edith's currently stands in the year 917. The current Priory Church of St Edith's dates back to 1077, when Geoffrey de la Guerche, a Breton knight, reconstructed the house of worship and donated it as a monastery to the Benedictine Abbey of St Nicholas in Anjou, France, naming it in honor of the Virgin Mary and St Denis. In 1266, King Henry III allowed the monks to hold a market every week and a fair on the summer solstice.

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