Cussing Pastor Hits On Biden As 'Coward' Bound For Hell

Pastor Mark Driscoll

On the May 5 episode of "Real Faith" entitled "23 Scriptures Commanding True Christians To Oppose Abortion," controversial pastor Mark Driscoll criticized President Joe Biden in the light of the recent United States Supreme Court opinion leak.

The Cussing Pastor Returns

Trinity Church Pastor Mark Driscoll, renowned for blatantly speaking the truth even if it included profanity, called on Biden to be a true Christian by repenting on his stand on abortion.

"You'll never hear this, but Joe Biden, you're a coward. You say you're a Christian. You say you love the Lord Jesus. You say that rights come from God our Creator, and you think that 62 million slaughtered lives is not nearly enough. And it's never too late to repent. And unless repentance begins at the top and flows down, then according to the last line of the Old Testament, if men don't have a heart for children, we're cursed," Driscoll said.

"I would encourage you, men. Don't be angry, don't be violent, don't be godless, don't be self-righteous, but don't be cowards," he added.

Driscoll made the statements after reading Revelation 21:8, which spoke of "cowardly" in its verse. The Arizona-based pastor explained that cowards don't make it to heaven because they are thrown into hell, prompting him to ask his audience to pray for the country's president. He stressed his concern is about being on the right side of eternity. He said he is ready to be judged by everybody else until he stands before a white throne, uncaring of the verdict he may receive.

Similarly, the author of "Alive: 21 Reasons To Believe In Jesus' Resurrection" said he doesn't "give a damn about being on the right side of history" referring to the issue of abortion. He said some signaled tolerance, love, and care about life but do not really care about the issue of abortion. While some would rather change the subject whenever it surfaces. Still, some would attack those who do and cancel them online.

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Driscoll underscored that deaths due to abortion were far higher than that recorded for COVID-19 last year. He pointed out that there are daily deaths due to abortion but only those who made it out of the womb were recorded. He then remarked that the most dangerous place to be in America these days was not in a room of people with COVID, not behind the wheel of a car without a seatbelt, and not being 10,000 feet above sea level but inside the womb of a mother.

Church Leaders highlighted that this year has recorded the highest number of deaths due to abortion at 16.1 million babes as compared to other recorded dates based on data from Worldmeter.

The Cussing Pastor Intends To Build Men Up

The said May 5 Episode is part of Driscoll's "Real Men" series, which aims to support men through Bible-centered resources to build them up. The series began with a discourse on Romans 8:34 focusing on the difference between condemnation, which men are accustomed to, and interceding, which the pastor said men should be like, following what Jesus does for those who believe in Him before the Father.

During the said episode, Driscoll disclosed that he decided to have an early episode for Real Men due to his state triggering pro-life as against California that intends to cement abortion into their constitution besides the leaked Supreme Court opinion.

The controversial pastor identified that the underlying reason for choosing to be pro-life is that God is pro-life, citing Genesis 1:28. He also identified Exodus 1:16-17, Exodus 20:30, Exodus 21:22-25, Psalm 127:3-5, Psalm 139:13-14, Proverbs 8:36, Ecclesiastes 11:5, Leviticus 18:21, and Jeremiah 1:5 as some of the verses in the Bible that oppose abortion.

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