'Disturbing': Church Hosts 'Drag Queen Prayer Time' For Kids During Sunday Service


St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square in Chicago, Illinois recently hosted a "drag queen prayer time" for children led by a bioloogically male preacher named Aaron Musser who dressed as a woman during the Sunday service.

The preacher showed children what made him feel "joyful" as he was dressed in drag as a "dress rehearsal" for the joy he claimed he will feel when Jesus Christ returns.

"It's been so hard to know what that joy will be because it's been so long since some of us have been joyful. It's been a difficult and tiring couple of years," Musser told the children during the Sunday service, as reported by The Gazette.

"And I decided instead of telling you, 'This is how I want you to be joyful,' as we prepare for this dress rehearsal, I figured I would instead put on a dress as so many who have inspired me have done."

Musser, who was addressing children, spoke about being oppressed through measures, saying, "I decided to follow their example, showing that liberation from oppressive laws clears a path for joy."

The drag queen prayer time host added that "allowing yourself to feel joy can be scary. I wasn't sure how the outside world would handle me when they saw me this morning. Joy is difficult to feel, it's vulnerable. But isn't it beautiful?"

Video clips of the even circulated on Twitter, as shared by WokePreacherTV. In it, the drag queen prayer time host asked the children if they've ever seen a drag queen, to which they unsurprisingly answered "no." Musser explained that he is "also a boy most of the time when I'm here" but on that day, dressed in drag, he described himself as "beautiful."

Not the Bee argued that the "truly disturbing event" was yet another "sick adaptation" of the drag queen story hours that are being hosted in school libraries across America today. The report argued that the "disgusting display" was a "planned and staged event directly aimed at children to expose them to the world of drag" and was obviously "grooming behavior."

The Blaze reported that Musser was a newly ordained, openly gay Lutheran pastor who leads worship at the St. Lutheran Church of Logan Square. An announcement on the event on the church's page said that the "Seminarian Aaron" would be "preaching in drag." The announcement also encouraged congregants to "wear garments/accessories that make you feel 100%, like the best version of yourself."

Musser claimed, "Preaching in drag is a theological reflection on joy: Joy overflows so abundantly, it can't help but make itself known. Weaving together the day's theme, queer theory, and lectionary texts, we will 'dress rehearse' for joy."

Apparently contradicting sound Biblical teaching, Musser was proud to share that he incorporates "queerness" into his Christian ministry, explaining that such queer sexualities, identities, and gender expressions outpour "from the depths of our being" and encouraged people to "articulate [their] truth." He even claimed that "queerness is sacred" and took a jab at politics, saying that people who vote Republican vote against LGBT rights.