Evangelical Anglican Clergy Formed New City Deanery Chapter to 'Promote Ongoing Healthy Church of England Ministry'


Evangelical Anglican clergy who are opposed to the plans of the Church of England to embrace gay blessings have organized a new deanery chapter for the city of London. This chapter will represent the clergy's opposition. St. Helen's Bishopsgate, one of London's most significant Evangelical Anglican churches, announced the new Church of England City deanery chapter on its website.

New Church of England City Deanery Chapter

According to the Christian Post, in a statement published on the church's website, it was stated that "With the recent departure of the House of Bishops from the teaching of the Bible on marriage and sexuality, new leadership structures are required." In addition, it stated that the deanery chapter would "encourage ongoing healthy Church of England ministry." It will support the activities of pre-existing evangelical organizations within the CofE, such as the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC).

On Monday, Mar. 27, the London location of the deanery chapter held its first meeting, which was attended by eleven clergies. Phil Martin, the vicar of St. Botolph's Aldersgate, was recently chosen as interim area dean and responsible for chairing future sessions.

According to the Rev. Chris Fishlock, who serves as the senior priest at St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, the members of the deanery chapter have plans to get together on a more consistent basis. He explained that the resistance is because the proposed Prayers of Love and Faith result from the House of Bishops' decision to allow gay couples to be married.

Moreover, Anglican Ink reported that grassroots Anglicans are pleading with the evangelical bishops of the Church of England, asking them to reject the proposals of their liberal colleagues to bless same-sex unions at the House of Bishops meeting on Jan. 30. They also want them to make a public statement that should the proposals still be approved following the discussion that will take place at the General Synod the following month, they will not permit the Prayers of Love and Faith to be used in their dioceses. They require all clergy to agree to the church's biblical and historical teaching on marriage and sexuality. 

Bishops who adhere to the revisionist or liberal position advocate same-sex blessing unions as a "stepping stone" toward the Church of England eventually recognizing homosexual marriage. They also want to get rid of the book Problems in Human Sexuality, which teaches the time-honored and widely accepted principle from the Bible that marriage should be between one man and one woman for the rest of their lives.

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Blessing of Same-Sex Marriage

Based on an article from NPR, the Church of England agreed in February to offer blessings to same-sex couples, but clergy members still have the option not to use the prayers, and the church will continue to uphold its ban on same-sex marriage. The voting took place during a meeting of the General Synod, which is the church's governing body. 

Before the vote, the approach to the compromise was described in several ways, including as a breakthrough, a poor settlement, or an outright blunder. According to the measure, same-sex couples won't be able to get married in the church. Still, they can "come to church after a civil marriage or civil partnership to give thanks, dedicate their relationship to God, and receive God's blessing" if they already have a civil marriage or civil partnership.

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