Former Satanist Becomes A Christian, Now Wants Everyone To Experience The Love Of 'My Awesome God'

Carl Sartor, before and after
Former satanist Carl Sartor, now a Christ-follower, in before-and-after photos. |

Carl Sartor, an atheist for 15 years and a Satanist for five years, has admitted his acceptance of God's life-changing love.

In November, Sartor accepted Christ as his Savior at Cross Church in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The former Satanist has shared his transformation on Facebook with his before and after image.

His friend, Rich Walters, who said the pictures were taken weeks apart, also shared the testimony. The first image shows the Pennsylvania man wearing a black shirt with "Saved by Satan." And the other photo shows his baptismal and acceptance of Christ with a pastor.

Walters witnessed how the power of God immediately fell to Sartor during the service. Though the church service was still in praise and worship and hadn't reached the preaching yet, Sartor was already on his way to the baptismal tank to be baptized.

Walters gladly announced on Facebook, "Today, he's a believer. Today, he's my brother in Christ. It's like the old song says... there's just no telling what you're gonna do; in that moment, Jesus gets ahold of you!!!! Praise God!!!!"

According to CBN News, the former meth addict has been running from God since he was five years old. Sartor also went to prison for nearly 10 years. In his post, Sartor classified himself as someone who despises God just a few months ago.

Now, the 35-year-old father says he wants everyone to experience God's love. His salvation testimony went viral on social media. Many are happy to know his story and praise God for the "miraculous" salvation. His story inspires others.

Carl claims he never was a spiritual person, and he believed that when a person dies, it is the end, nothing more. He also said that he would argue that God didn't exist while living a life cycling of drugs and alcohol.

It wasn't until he hit rock bottom in 2021 that he began to consider Jesus with an open mind. He then attended Cross Church, where Walters, a minister, had invited him over a year before.

But it was that invitation, along with some background information about Carl's life and a message of forgiveness, that convinced him to give up his hate and commit his life to Christ. Sartor now believes that God is real and vows to walk beside Him.

The Pennsylvanian declared, "By his grace, I'm by far the best version of me I have ever been. My God is awesome, and I pray that everyone gets to experience his love as I have."

Up to date, Sartor shares the goodness of the Lord through his Facebook account. On January 25, he shared a series of motivational quotes and stories prevailing God's love and guidance for everyone.

In one post, he shared the story of his fiancée Patience Necole Swiger. She testified how using meth has destroyed her life. She believes she was the worst mother for one and a half years, losing her care for her family when she had a problem with her marriage. Swiger then found what will truly fill the void she has been trying to fill with drugs and toxic relationships: God.

"Things have gone so great for me I've been in one of the healthiest relationships I've ever been in...," she said. "God continues to drop blessings on my life every day that I'm so undeserving of."