Here Are The Women We Need To Pray For In Light Of Roe V. Wade’s Demise

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Christians know the power of prayer in addressing turbulent times, like what is presently happening in the country now further divided on the issue of abortion. Editor Molly Law raised in an op-ed entitled, "5 Prayers For Women After Roe V. Wade Decision," the necessity of prayer for five types of women in a post-Roe America. Law explained that prayer is a means to care for women, especially those who may be experiencing turmoil for various reasons in these times. The editor stressed that protecting life should also include these women who are also "created and loved by God."

Presbyterian Minister Michael A. Milton agrees with Law when he said prayer is the answer to the Supreme Court's majority decision on overturning Roe v. Wade. The North Carolina-based minister cited  2 Chronicles 7:14-15 that spoke of the power of prayer to make God attentive to one's needs. He pointed to the history of the United States, which was founded in a covenant with God to keep its people safe.

Similarly, Cincinnatti Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr stressed in a statement that "prayer and a joyful outpouring of love and support for pregnant women" are most needed now that Roe v. Wade has been reversed.

"No woman should feel so alone, coerced or hopeless that she chooses to end her child's life through abortion. I urge everyone in our archdiocese to both pray for and actively assist all expectant mothers. Together, let us redouble our commitment to caring for women, children and families so that abortion is not only illegal, but unthinkable," Schnurr said.

According to Law, there are four types of women to pray for. These are women: who are alone, who feel hopeless, who are pregnant, and who are single. Law said it would also be good to pray in general for all women.

1. Prayer For The Lonely

Law pointed out that it is easy to feel alone and isolated in times of change and uncertainty. Everyday life, she said, is beyond what the media misportrays as black and white. There are so many things happening in life that affect society in all its aspects.

The American Correctional Association's Senior Editor cited women victimized by rape, which exposes them to shame and loneliness on top of the isolation pregnancy naturally brings. This would easily lead to anxiety and depression due to hormonal changes, not to mention the trauma of the experience.

Law, who has a Biblical Studies minor from Gardner-Webb University, cited the Scripture's Hagar as an example. Hagar--a slave woman who bore Abraham's child because his wife Sarah couldn't--was mistreated and eventually blessed by God, who ensured He was with her always. Law cited Genesis 16:13 where Hagar finally recognized God as the "One who sees me."

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"My prayer is for these women who feel alone, confused, and afraid," Law said, is "to remember" that "God was and is there for women."

2. Prayer For The Hopeless

Law highlighted that hopelessness always follows the feeling of loneliness. She pointed out that states will debate laws on abortion, making the future uncertain. She claimed that women may feel hopeless as privacy laws are uprooted resulting in many feeling "branded as criminals." This may also lead to social and mental distress.

Reflecting on Genesis 38, Law said God protected Tamar when her father-in-law, Judah, disregarded her safety and survival after her husband, Shelah, died. God also exposed Judah for his fault, which in turn led the latter to realize Tamar as one more righteous than he.

Law then cited Corinthians 1:3-4, which spoke of God giving comfort to those who are in trouble out of His compassionate nature.

3. Prayer For The Pregnant

Women may have economic security, a loving husband, and healthy births yet could still be faced with the hard decision to make abortion at the time of delivery out of facing a life or death situation, Law said. The News Virginian Freelance Journalist also cited conditions where women live at the mercy of men who impregnated them because of having dreadful social conditions. So much so that it is only the woman who bears "the shame of an unplanned pregnancy although it took two bodies to create it."

"I pray for the women who are pregnant right now. No matter what stage they're in, what life circumstances that surround them, or the scenarios of their births. I pray they find peace and comfort in the Lord in the midst of this decision," Law said.

4. Prayer For Singles

Law highlighted the essence of a woman comes from her capacity to bear children--a role God has given in creation. Single women in crisis may have wanted to wait for marriage out of honoring God but may have found themselves pregnant after being violated. This would lead them to feel alone and hopeless as though there is no one to turn to.

Law likened this situation to the Samaritan woman who met Jesus in the well as John 4 narrated. The story is a depiction of God's mercy and grace after revealing to the Samaritan "what the Living Water could do," which is beyond any earthly pleasure. This same mercy, Law emphasized, was shown by God in John 7:53 to 8:11 with the woman caught committing adultery.

5. Prayer For All Women

Law raised the need to ensure that securities and systems are in place and must be prioritized so that women would not resort to abortion. She cited "giving mothers better conditions" for them to raise their children that, in turn, would lead to lesser abortions.

Another way to decrease abortions would be to provide resources on adoption and encourage parents to choose it. Law said the Bible is a good source of the beauty of adoption since God adopted mankind as His children through Jesus Christ.

"This is certainly a scary and uncertain time that we are living in. I pray as Christians, non-Christians, women, and men that we all show each other grace and love--the same that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shows us every day," Law underscored.

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