House Passes Controversial Biden Equality Act, Which ‘Is About Taking Away Rights’

Joe Biden

New legislation rewriting civil rights laws to ban discrimination based on "sexual orientation and gender identity" has now been passed after a divisive vote in the House.

H.R. 5, more commonly known as the Equality Act, has been passed by the House, thereby prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation. This new legislation would, in effect, "eliminate the legal definition of biological sex, cater to gender ideology, and designate protection for the unborn as 'pregnancy' discrimination," Breitbart reported.

The Biden Equality Act was passed by the House with a vote of 224-206, which included three Republicans who joined Democrats in voting for the controversial new bill, FOX News reported. Representatives John Katko, Tom Reed, and Brian Fitzpatrick were the only Republicans who voted yes in Thursday's decision. They were also among the eight Republicans who joined the Democrats in voting for the Equality Act when it first passed the House in 2019.

The Biden Equality Act was shockingly successful in rewriting the 1964 Civil Rights Act law to add sexual orientation and gender identity in its protections. Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, who voted against the new bill, said it was "not about giving rights" and instead "about taking away rights."

Rep. Gohmert explained that the Biden Equality Act "is saying that part of the First Amendment that states, 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;' that's gotta go!"

During a Freedom Caucus press conference on Thursday, the Republican representative read from page 25 of the Biden Equality Act, which said "The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 shall not provide a claim concerning, or a defense to a claim under, a covered title, or provide a basis for challenging the application or enforcement of a covered title."

Rep. Gohmert explained that the controversial Biden Equality Act is really a violation of the First Amendment. Republican Rep. Andy Biggs, who CNN reported is the most conservative caucus in the House, blasted the Biden Equality Act as it "attacks religious freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of association" that are all recognized rights in the First Amendment.

Moreover, the bill that is "about taking away rights" is troublesome for women, who will be forced to share public spaces with biologically male born individuals. Transgender women, born male, will be allowed to participate in women's sports, enter exclusive schools for girls and women, share women's bathrooms, locker rooms, and other spaces, and more.

Rep. Biggs said that the Biden Equality Act, instead of making people appear equal under the law, in fact "denies the biological facts that men and women are the two genders.

Democratic Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island, who is gay and is the co-sponsor of the controversial Biden Equality Act, celebrated the victory of the Biden Equality Act, personally thanked Biden during a speech on Thursday, saying, "We are really excited to have the incredible support of President Biden and his commitment to make the Equality Act the law of the land."