Biden ‘Normalizing’ Transgenderism In America By ‘Coercion,’ Mohler Says

Theologian Albert Mohler

Theologian Albert Mohler claimed that Joe Biden's continuous support for the LGBTQ community forces people to accept transgenderism the same way some people have been made to accept same-sex relationships.

"This is exactly what has happened with same-sex marriage, just to give an example," Mohler said in his podcast according to an article from Christian Headlines.

"A majority of Americans thought it was abnormal and ought not to be legalized. And then just a few years later, a majority of Americans decided, 'No it's perfectly normal. Let's move along.' When it comes to transgender, the same effort is now very much underway, and it comes with coercion. That's the issue. The coercion is found in the language that is mandated, whether it's pronouns or even a name in this case."

Biden recently nominated Rachel Levine, a transgender woman doctor, for assistant secretary of health at the Department of Health and Human Services, which would make her the first openly transgender woman to be confirmed by the Senate of The United States. Rachel was born Richard.

Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., mentioned in a recent episode of his podcast that Biden's appointment of Levine in the administration is big news.

"Well, I'm not in a position to judge this physician's qualifications to serve in this position, but the administration isn't really beginning there. The big news has to do with the transgender revolution. The administration's telling us that. Now, it does so in a rather clever way. On the one hand, the administration has to say more or less explicitly: "We didn't choose this person because this person is transgender but because this is the very most qualified person to serve in this crucial role as the nation faces the pandemic.""

"But the cleverness is this, at the same time, the President-Elect at the time, now the president, made the statement himself that this individual was also important because of the transgender identity. As if saying, "The transgender issue is not really that important, but did we mention this person will be the first openly transgender Senate confirmed high individual of office in the federal government?" " he said in his podcast.

"This also where Christians have to step back and ask some serious questions. Just how big an issue is this? How big is this news? How much does it matter? We also have to recognize that it is entirely possible indeed by common grace and by the reality of the image of God, it is entirely possible to like someone whose lifestyle or gender identity we cannot accept. We have to judge by biblical terms, not by personal terms. And as we're looking at this news, is it big? Yes, it is big." he continued.

Mohler also mentioned that "we are being told" that the nomination of Levine should be celebrated as a "massive advance in a necessary moral progress towards full inclusion for LGBTQ persons." and that this will "bring about the process of further normalization."

The theologian emphasized that Biblical views on the LGBTQ community should not affect how Christians treat each other - despite not accepting what the Bible does not accept.

"It is entirely possible - indeed by common grace and by the reality of the image of God ... to like someone whose lifestyle or gender identity we cannot accept," Mohler claimed.

In a different episode of his podcast, The Briefing, Mohler criticized Biden's executive order on allowing biological males to enter women's sports teams and says it will have a huge impact on girls especially in public schools.

"How many parents who support Biden's executive order will still do so "if it means that their daughter isn't going to get the sports scholarship because a biological male identifying as female is going to win the trophy instead?" he asked.

"How many parents, no matter how liberal they think themselves to be, how many of them are actually ready for there to be unisex changing rooms?" he continued asking.

"For locker rooms, basically, to be determined in terms of admission basically by however one identifies when it comes to sex and gender? How ready are they? Furthermore, how ready are their daughters?"

The "transgender revolution," Mohler said, is "in direct collision with religious liberty and the liberty of conscience" of the religious American citizens.