ICYMI: Revival in California Has Begun!

Mario Murillo speaking to a crowd at Modesto, California
Mario Murillo speaking to a crowd at Modesto, California |

The fire of revival has fallen in California as thousands of people reportedly attended a tent meeting hosted by Mario Murillo Ministries.

Explaining the remarkable turn out in Modesto, California on Thursday, Mario Murillo said that they had to move the worship to 5:45 p.m. seeing that the tent was already half full two hours before the actual start time of the event.

"This is California. California, where supposedly, people do not want God. And even hate God. California where they are overscheduled and underwhelmed with the idea of having to show up early for anything. Right?" he wrote in his blog.

They rented 500 more chairs which were immediately filled as more people show up. There were about 2000 people in attendance that time. Putting aside extravagant productions, the pastor and his team only led people to singing, preaching, and Jesus.

"Why are they here? It is not just the presence of God, but they have been driven here because Satan and the Left have gone too far," asserts Murillo. "The vision of the Left for California is an unmitigated disaster. It is misery for everyone, from the cradle to the grave.

To Murillo's amazement, the attendees did not only sit through one sermon, but two full sermons. The first sermon was intended for lost souls while the second is about revival. He was anticipating that many, if not some, would start leaving after the first sermon as he repeatedly mentioned hell and repentance in response to the Cross and Blood of Jesus.

"Then the Holy Spirit removed the protection and the resistance of sinners. They instantly left all, to follow Jesus. They tell me that 500 people came to Christ last night. But as always, only God knows the actual number," said Murillo.

Addicts, homeless, gang members, and every-day hurting people flocked to the front of the tent to surrender themselves to Jesus.

In his revival sermon titled "The Vengeance of Our God," he told the audience that they are not after a grand meeting with pictures to show off on social media nor do they want "memories of an event that came and went."

"I want Satan to pack up and get out of town!" declared Murillo.

In the sermon, he highlighted the following points:

1. "Who knows when it will ever be like this again?"

Assuming that the fateful day could be the last time the door to revival opens in California, Murillo used the story of Esther to direct people to think if they have come to (God's) kingdom for such a time as they are in now.

2. "Understand what is at stake: We are fighting for our families!" (Nehemiah 4:14)
3. "Make room for revival. Jesus said to let down the nets, but they only let down one net." (Luke 5:4-7)
4. "We need the outpouring of Fresh Fire in order that we may be turned into the people of this hour." (1 Samuel 10:6-7, Acts 4:29-31)

After delivering the message, Murillo said that the fire of revival fell as thousands of people vowed to be "lions of righteousness." There was also a grace for healing as people with medical conditions received instantaneous healings. The miracles shattered unbelief which could have also possibly won the most skeptic soul in the tent.