Kirk Cameron Overwhelmed with Emotion at 10th New Jersey Library Event, Celebrates Families' Support

Kirk Cameron, Story Hour
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The impromptu church session that started among families at Kirk Cameron's 10th storybook event in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, significantly affected the actor and author. 

Some families started singing and worshiping God while waiting in line because they couldn't enter the library immediately due to the many attendees.

Kirk Cameron Moved to Tears by Spontaneous Worship at Story Book Event

In an email, Cameron told Fox News Digital that the outpouring of gratitude and praises to God resonated with him as songs of "courage and resolve" filled the library's lobby, staircase, and the upper room. Cameron was moved by the beautiful voices of children and strong declarations from parents, and he said that he was brought to tears of "gratitude and hope."

The children's sweet voices and the parents' resolute statements as they sang songs of thanksgiving and adoration to God moved Cameron. The significance of going back to the fundamentals, which include loving our country, living out our faith, and putting families first, was stressed by Cameron, who thinks that God is not done with America. The importance of freedom as a unique and priceless gift that needs to be treasured and protected was another point he made.

According to the article in The Gazette, About seven hundred individuals showed up for the event at the Cherry Hill library. Brave was able to have three different story hours thanks to library employees who opened a room divider when they saw how many people were waiting outside. Kirk Cameron, author John Solomon, and musician Sean Feucht were all warmly greeted by the library employees, who also provided exceptional customer service.

The publisher, Brave, praised the Cherry Hill Public Library for supporting the neighborhood and was appreciative of their efforts in making it possible for everyone to attend the story hour. John, Kirk, and Sean each took turns addressing the gathering gathered outside the conference room as families waited for their chance to enter.

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Sean Feucht Joins Kirk Cameron at Worship-Filled Library Event

According to another source, the Washington Examiner shared that Sean Feucht, a musician and the creator of Let Us Worship, led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance, the national anthem, and other songs of worship at the Cherry Hill library event with actor and author Kirk Cameron. Due to the large number of attendees, some families had to wait outside the event for about two hours. Cameron started to cry when the overflow group began their worship service in the library's lobby, stairwell, and upper room. He described it as a manifestation of "gratitude, hope, courage, and resolve."

Due to a last-minute cancellation, the library staff had to increase the meeting area to accommodate everyone. Brave Books complimented the Cherry Hill Public Library for supporting the community and hosting the event.

Feucht also voiced his rekindled optimism and exhorted parents across America to defend their convictions. On May 10, Cameron will make his following stop for a story time in San Francisco, California.

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