Korean American Non-Profit Seeks to Help Eligible Individuals Apply for Citizenship with Free Workshop

As the presidential elections are quickly approaching, the Korean Resource Center (KRC) has decided to offer free workshops on how to apply for citizenship to help as many Korean immigrants as possible to become eligible to vote.

According to the statistics from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, only 8.8 percent of Korean residents who are eligible to apply for citizenship actually have and received citizenship.

"This means that about nine out of ten people are giving up their right to become citizens," the KRC stated. "As the November elections are approaching, helping Koreans receive citizenship will be a priority to address in order to advance the needs and interests of the Korean community."

As such, the organization will be hosting a free workshop on Sunday, April 10, from 9 AM to 12 PM at the Long Beach Convention Center to help individuals understand the process of applying for citizenship, as well as provide legal services free of charge for those who are of low-income families.

Those who are interested must reserve a spot in advance by calling the Korean hotline number for the KRC (800-867-3640).

The Korean Resource Center is a non-profit organization that offers various services and programs to help the Korean immigrant community, such as holding citizenship application workshops and seminars to help undocumented immigrant students to apply for the CA Dream Act.