Medical Professionals And Health Workers Expose COVID-Related Hospital Abuses

Teen receiving injection from doctor

Patient abuse and neglect are exposed by whistleblowers at hospitals throughout the United States that are treating COVID patients. These whistleblowers include physicians, nurses, lawyers, "patient advocates, and journalists."

In the video "Medical Freedom: Stop Medical Tyranny," hosted by Dr. Lee Vliet of Truth for Health, horrific medical tyranny stories were shown, demonstrating how healthcare facilities are becoming the clinical version of prisons, where patients' human rights are violated, and life-saving treatment is withheld. It was said that in America's prisons, prisoners enjoy greater visiting privileges than COVID hospital patients.

Dr. Peter McCullough, Attorney Thomas Renz, and Nancy Ross, who served as Healthcare Power of Attorney for Veronica Wolski, who sadly died at Chicago's Resurrection Hospital after being refused medical procedures and denied discharge to home hospice, are among the speakers.

Introductions began with a few words from LifeSite's co-founder John-Henry Westen. Tea Party Patriots Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin and Foundation Director of the Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Program Dr. Harpal Mangat are among the other speakers.

Among the human rights abuses in hospitals addressed by experts and participating speakers are the following:

  • Patients are forced into taking experimental medicines such as Remdesivir and being put on ventilators, both of which provide further incentive to hospitals and generate enormous profits.
  • Regular treatment options such as IV vitamins, inhaled and intravenous "corticosteroids, antibiotics," and therapeutic dosages of "anticoagulants" are being withheld from patients who have requested these medications.
  • "Independent autopsies" revealed cause of death owing to insufficient anticoagulation.
  • Patients are not permitted to speak with their spiritual coverings like pastors and rabbis, as well as well as their loved ones, or legal counsel.
  • Patients are sequestered for extended periods of time against their will, much longer than recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is a kind of torture.
  • Families, lawyers, and "healthcare power of attorney" activists are barred from entering hospital premises because hospitals are employing police forces to prevent them from entering.
  • Additionally, patients and family members expressed concern about a lack of awareness about the potential dangers of COVID "vaccine" shots, a scarcity of information about the efficacy of early treatment, and a denial of available treatment as a preventative measure due to the medical and commercial news industries suppressing that information and prosecuting doctors and other healthcare providers.
  • The threat of the COVID virus was also exaggerated, while the negative effects of vaccinations were under-reported, unreported, or vaguely presented to the public, and the fact that they are still experimental was also not made clear.

Legal practitioners also shared guidance on how to counteract coercive pressure to be vaccinated, pointing out that people's constitutional rights were being flagrantly violated in the name of public health.

All of the testimonials in the nearly two-hour film shed light on the atrocities occurring in hospitals, school systems, companies, and medical institutions throughout the nation.

Watch the video below:


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