Northside Community Church, Saved from Fire with Only Minimal Damage by Paterson Firefighters


The Northside Community Church was one of the buildings affected by a fire in Paterson, New Jersey. Luckily, due to the help of the Paterson firefighters, the church only got minimal damages from the incident.

Fire in Paterson, New Jersey

On Saturday, Feb. 11, only about 12 hours after saving two residents of Paterson from a burning home, the Paterson firefighters fought a major night blaze. The fire would reportedly lead to the destruction of about $1.8 million worth of properties.

According to the Director of Public Safety, Jerry Speziale, at around 10:37 p.m., the residents called out the Paterson Fire Department to a one-story brick and multipurpose wood commercial structure at 62 Garfield Avenue. The building was completely covered in flames when emergency crews arrived. Many explosions were also coming from the acetylene tanks that were damaged by the fire.

Deputy chief Orlando Rodriguez was in charge of the incident. As stated, the responding units quickly placed aerial ladders to protect vulnerable structures. One of the most important buildings was the Northside Community Church. It is located at 90 Jefferson Street and was directly affected by the spreading fire. While the neighborhood was filled with embers, fire units saved the church with relatively minimal damage. The firefighters were also forced to fan out the embers to eliminate secondary flames while continuing to focus on the primary fire building. However, the Paterson arson inspectors are still investigating the origin and cause of the Saturday night blaze.

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About Northside Community Church

Based on its website, the Northside Community Church (NCC) aims to witness God's love in Jesus Christ through service, worship, learning, and fellowship. They try to live up to the example set by Christ, which the Holy Spirit empowers. The NCC was first known as Northside Baptist Church and was established in 1956. The congregation later changed its name to reflect the diverse denominational backgrounds of its members. Their relationship with the American Baptist Churches, USA, continues.

Accordingly, many talented musicians devote their time to producing worship music that ministers to everyone. The church's congregation prays that those who visit them will be uplifted by the music and worship service they provide. The church also makes people feel welcomed and accepted by the members of their community. Furthermore, the NCC's mission is to lead others to a life-altering encounter with Jesus Christ as Lord and savior while growing deeper in their faith connection with God through Christ. They are also a democratic, bible-centered, self-governing, and independent American Baptist Church that respects all kinds of people.

On the other hand, the fellowship of the community church includes having coffee, eating brunch, and doing different activities together. Without invading, their congregation keeps track of one another by paying particular attention to those who are ill, recently lost loved ones, and coping with unique difficulties. In addition, they believe in today's increasingly worldwide culture, where it is common for members of the same nuclear family to live and work in different locations. Those who worship at NCC are given the opportunity to become part of their "adopted" family.

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