Pastor Stacie Wood of Saddleback Church Stands Firm Despite the Rejection of Southern Baptist Convention on Female Pastor

Female Pastor

The Southern Baptist Convention recently decided to remove female pastors from Saddleback Church. However, Stacie Wood, one of the female pastors of Saddleback Church, stood firm and said that she would continue to serve its congregation.

Saddleback Church's Female Pastor

Based on a report from Click Orlando, a post was made on Instagram by Stacie Wood, the teaching pastor at Saddleback Church and the wife of the lead pastor, Andy Wood. The post discussed the church's dismissal of female pastors. As mentioned, even though she was "at the center of the discussion" at the Southern Baptist Convention, she remained steadfast in her commitment to answering God's calling. She also gave credit for forming her faith in the Southern Baptist upbringing.

"I'm serving Jesus under the authority and in alignment with my spiritual leaders. We believe women can be gifted and empowered as teachers and pastors." Pastor Stacie stated. During the weekend services, her husband told the congregation his intention to produce a video explaining the church's stance regarding appointing women ministers. 

In an interview with The Associated Press from the previous year, Pastor Andy stated that the Bible teaches that God gave both males and women spiritual gifts. "My wife has the spiritual gift of teaching and she is really good. People often tell me she's better than me when it comes to preaching," he said.

According to Religion News Service, Saddleback has yet to indicate whether or not it will challenge its dismissal from the league. However, at least one other church that a Kentucky congregation expelled the same day for having a woman minister plans to do so. It ensures that Southern Baptists will deliberate on the issue at their annual meeting in June in New Orleans.

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Rejection of Southern Baptist Convention on Female Pastor from Saddleback Church

The Christianity Daily reported that the vote of the convention's Executive Committee brings to a head the growing tension between the nation's most prominent Protestant denomination. It officially rejects women in pastoral roles, while the congregation's story has been one of the most significant in modern times.

The council stated that Saddleback Church has "a female teaching pastor working in the position of pastor." By "female teaching pastor," they meant Stacie Wood, the wife of Andy Wood, the current lead pastor at Saddleback Church. Nevertheless, the controversy didn't begin until 2021, when Warren ordained three women to the position of pastor. Because of this, members of the organization started discussing whether or not the megachurch should be expelled.

A report from the Baptist News Global stated that the Saddleback Church was established in 1980 by Pastor Rick Warren and his wife, Kay. On May 6, the church announced on its Facebook page that it had "historically" ordained three women to the ministry and called the event a "night to remember." Liz Puffer, Cynthia Petty, and Katie Edwards are the three women who have been ordained. All three have served significant time as staff members within the extensive network of the church's 15 United States and four international campuses. The church has over 24,000 members and names 18 campus pastors who are all men.

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