Police Issue Multiple Raps To 2nd Teen Over Memphis Methodist Pastor’s Death

Police Issue Multiple Raps To 2nd Teen Over Memphis Methodist Pastor’s Death

Police have charged another teen suspect for his alleged involvement in the robbery and killing of a Methodist pastor, an AP report published by US News revealed.

Memphis police told reporters that they had charged a 15-year-old male with carjacking, first-degree murder, and other raps. 

Police said the charges are related to the teen's participation in the July 18 death of Rev. Autura Eason-Williams.

According to the report, Williams was the pastor of United Methodist Church based in Memphis, Tennessee.

The indictment followed the filing of lawsuit against a 16-year-old male who was charged with property theft. 

Police alleged that the teens took between $2,500 and $10,000 from the slain Methodist pastor.

The report noted that the two suspects are scheduled to attend a Juvenile Court hearing on Aug. 1.

Other Details Of The Robbery-slay

Investigators say that the two teen suspects attacked Williams in her driveway on July 18.

The suspects allegedly shot the female pastor several times and left her after stealing her money. 

They also took Williams' Chevrolet Malibu, CCTV footage of the incident showed.

The report revealed that responders took Williams to a nearby hospital, where she died.

Family's Reaction

Darrel Eason-Williams, the pastor's husband, spoke in a video shared by Action News 5.

"I want you all to know - they took my best friend away from me, and I can never get her back," he said.

Mr. Williams also expressed his desire for the teen suspects to be tried and receive sentences reserved for adults.

He explained the reasons behind his wish.

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"You didn't just take her car, you shot her numerous times, pulled her out, and left her for dead. That ain't no regular crime," Williams said.

The suspects' records in Juvenile Court showed that they had received convictions before the Williams incident, the Action News 5 report noted.

Reverend Williams' children, however, told reporters that they do not wish for the suspects to end up in an adult correctional facility or be put on trial as adults.

Alyanna Hampton, Pastor Williams' daughter, told in a Wednesday press conference that her mother would not have wished for the suspects to receive adult sentences.

"If I were to say 'throw those children under the jail, charge them as adults, give them the death penalty, send them to jail forever, I would not have learned anything from my mother in 31 years," Hampton explained.

She likewise expressed her belief in God's redemptive power.

"I have to believe in God's absolute ability to redeem any person," she said.

About Pastor Williams

Rev. Autura Eason-Williams left behind her husband and four children.

Williams once served as the Tennessee-Western Kentucky Conference's Metro District superintendent. 

The AP report revealed that the conference is under the administration of the United Methodist Church.

The same article also said that Reverend Williams graduated from the Memphis Theological Seminary and led the Capleville United Methodist Church. 

Fox13 Memphis announced that Pastor Williams' funeral is scheduled for Aug.3, 10 a.m., at Saint Paul United Methodist Church in Lakeland.

The report said that those who wish to view the slain pastor may do so on Aug. 2, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Anthony Funeral Homes, 135 16th St., West Memphis.

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