Tiktok Sensations: Miami Boys Choir's Viral Video Introduces Orthodox Pop Into Pop Culture

Tiktok Sensations: Miami Boys Choir's Viral Video Introduces Orthodox Pop Into Pop Culture

Over the last two weeks, the Miami Boys Choir has transformed from being a popular singing group within the Orthodox Jewish world to a viral sensation on TikTok. 

Their one-minute viral video, which was shot ten years ago, has racked up over 7.5 million views on the application. 

In the video, the four soloists, Yoshi Bender, C. Abromowitz, Binyomin Abromowitz, and David Herskowitz, can be seen passionately singing their parts to the energetic version of "Yerushalayim." 

The boys can also be seen doing dance moves. One of which is an open-and-closing hand action, which is said to symbolize the surrounding hills of Jerusalem. 

The composer and uploader of the video, Yerachmiel Begun, stated that the boys have "ushered in big changes" for the choir. He also stated that they were able to draw in the "beginning of the Gen-Z generation of MBC's worldwide fans and followers." 

Viral Video Reactions 

Users on TikTok and on Twitter have shared clips of MBC with overlaid music or other scenes, or have inserted themselves into split-screen duets. 

According to a report by HITC, language did not seem to be a barrier as the fans expressed their liking for the song. 

Fans have also been arguing over who is the best member of the group. 

One user commented on his support for Yoshi, stating that he was such an underrated soloist. Meanwhile, another user expressed his love for Abromowitz. 

On the other hand, some found it hard to choose. 

"How does every single one of these kids have the it factor," One user who shared the video captioned. 

According to a report by the Jewish Chronicles, some of the alumni of MBC, as well as the boys themselves, have also joined in on the fun. 

In their own TikTok videos, they can be seen riffing on their long-ago performances; singing an acapella rendition of "Yerushalayim"; and reenacting their old performances. 

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However, the MBC's viral video did not only spark happiness for thousands of people; it has also sparked a conversation about the Jewish joy of fighting antisemitism. 

A Proud Showcase of Orthodox Jews 

Herskowitz stated that he was impressed when he knew their video went viral. He even expressed how it was such a joy to reminisce about his past. He joked that he never thought that he would see his performance video again. 

However, what really surprised him was the lack of negative comments on their videos. 

According to a report by the Jew in the City, it is rare for traditional media outlets to showcase Orthodox Jews with pride and joy. 

However, it may be because of the boys' authentic positivity as singers that the viewers were moved. 

Amongst the popularity of boy bands in the U.S, K-Pop, and J-Pop, viewers have found it endearing how the boys give it their all without adhering to a certain image set for them or to the pressure of salability. 

Soon enough, MBC, although with a totally different set of singers, will be returning to the stage with their annual Sukkot tour.

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