Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell Calls On Americans To Fix Election Issues Now Or There Will Never Be Free Elections In The Future

Lawyer Sidney Powell

In an exclusive interview, President Donald Trump's lawyer Sidney Powell gave updates on the status of the U.S. election and called on Americans to fight to fix the issues that plagued the recent elections.

During an "American Thought Leaders" interview with the Epoch Times' Jan Jekielek, Sidney Powell went all out with the details of the ongoing election lawsuits and shared more evidence relating to voter fraud that affected the last U.S. elections.

Powell has been busy working on cases against the massive election fraud that happened in the recent US elections. While she is not officially part of the Trump legal team alongside Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, she is working on her own to fight against the cheating that occurred.

In the 25-minute interview, Powell recounted how all voting machines should be impounded right after the day of the election and checked for forensic analysis. Instead, election fraud evidence has been destroyed left "from shredding ballots to wiping machines and replacing servers." The Democrats also refuse having the voting machines inspected.

Powell said the machine fraud of the Dominion Voting System is "insidious and troubling," adding that experts on the Dominion fraud showed an instant 5 percent higher votes for Biden and Democrats all across the board where a Dominion voting machine was used.

Right after the Supreme Court dismissed Texas' lawsuit for "lack of standing," Powell went to the Supreme Court to file emergency requests asking justices to order officials in the states of Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Michigan to de-certify their 2020 election results saying that the four states "were fatally flawed by massive fraud in every manner and means you can think of."

What makes the four states different - Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin - is the additional and obvious level of fraud that it cannot be mistaken.

When asked by Jekielek for further details, Powell explained how some of the counties in Georgia did not do a hand recount of the votes, as is the same in other states.

"If we could even get 100,000 ballots of the last 100,000 ballots run in Georgia for example, we could show by instant mechanical analysis the difference in the ballots and the ink."

The "Licensed to Lie" author expressed her concerns that the entire voting system was seeded in Venezuela which started the Smartmatic and Dominion Companies. She also expressed thoughts about the CIA being a part of the massive fraud in the recent elections. Powell added that they have a detailed affidavit of briefings how the machine fraud happened and that they have a witness who has a direct first-hand experience on how it all works election after election.

"People who say there's no evidence are just lying through their teeth, or they're deliberately ignorant or willfully blind to the truth," Powell declares.

Another evidence of election fraud that Powell mentioned is the video of fraudulent ballots imported into the country coming across the border from Mexico. She also made mention of ballots being shipped from one state to another to "backfill" vote counts and that "warehouses of counterfeit ballots" are all over the country.

Ever since the election, Powell has been a strong defender on President Trump's side to fight against the election fraud that happened in the U.S.

She notes that "every fraudulent ballot destroys the vote of a legal voter" and that hundreds of thousands "adjudicated" Trump votes were either dropped, trashed, or flipped to Biden when it went through the machine.

Another election fraud that Powell uncovered is the shaving of votes where the machine has the ability to give Biden votes a stronger weight count of 1.25 and reduce Trump votes to just 0.75 which automatically flips 25 percent of every vote counted to Biden.

Powell admits that her plans to uncover the election fraud might take a while longer, but that it must be done or else people will be sitting in the government without being entitled to it simply because of voting machine fraud.

She also said that the American people must fix this problem now or else, America will never have a free and fair elections in the future. It has to be stopped now, she said.