Ukrainian Pastor Says 'God Is Sending Angels To Protect Us', Reveals Many Now Turning To Christ Amid War

Ukrainian Pastor Says 'God Is Sending Angels To Protect Us', Reveals Many Now Turning To Christ Amid War

Despite the Russians' relentless attack in various areas of their country, the Ukrainians continue to experience miracles that even led some unbelievers to Christ.

In an interview on "Sid Roth's It's Supernatural," reported by Charisma Magazine, Pastor Karen Zelfimein of Odessa shared that by the power of God, the outnumbered and outgunned Ukrainian military continues to stand out against the more powerful Russian army.

Roth said that like what happened to Israel during the Six-Day War, Ukrainians are also seeing miracles, which helped them survive and thrive against all odds.

Zelfimein agreed with the TV host's statement and enumerated a series of miracles that the locals are experiencing which, he said, are results of people's prayers around the world.

"...we hear the stories of Russian tanks stopped in the middle of the field or somewhere near the Ukrainian village and they ran out of diesel... And this really amazes me because these guys were preparing for this war for many, many months," the pastor revealed.

He added that such incident did not happen only once but in many other places of the country as well.

Further, he said that a Russian ship also ran out of fuel and asked for help from a passing by cargo ship but was denied of the request due to Russia's aggression on Ukraine.

"So the Russian ship stuck in the middle of the sea and couldn't move... It's the hand of God," he declared.

Another story is about an evangelist who was spared from the bombing of a city street besieged by the Russian army.

He went on to share that one of the members of their church in Odessa, who serves as a lieutenant in the Ukrainian army, told him about how God saved his group from an enemy attack.

"He said, 'all of a sudden, I felt the urgency to pray.' He heard God speaking to him, 'Take your men and leave this place, this very location.' As soon as he and his men relocated to a different place, rockets and fire opened on that spot where they were. That very spot was bombed and destroyed. It's amazing how God does miracles and protects. Before, they were not listening to the Word of God, not paying attention much to Jesus. But now they are praying and asking the Lord to come into their lives," the minister continued.

Roth then asked about the reports that some Ukrainians are seeing shapes of angels in the sky. Zelfimein replied that he did hear a couple of stories about it, adding that the people who saw those images felt so encouraged. The pastor believes that the occurrences were God's way to encourage people in the middle of difficulty, telling them that He cares and protects by sending His angels.

Moreover, in spite of the ongoing destruction, the pastor unveiled that God continues to bless the Ukrainians with life, as on the first week of the war alone, 47 children have already been born in the subways of Kiev where about 150,000 people are now living.

In Genesis 17:4, God promised Abraham that he will become "the father of many nations" - a promise that was fulfilled in the life of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, alongside his fellow Jewish leaders in Israel.

In the Bible, as long as the LORD is pleased with the Israelites, they can never be defeated by their enemies, no matter how powerful the latter seem to be.