Hillsong NYC will undergo investigation after the reported termination of Pastor Carl Lentz, according to Brian Houston, Hillsong's Senior Pastor.

In a statement, Brian Houston, Hillsong Founder and Global Senior Pastor, announced that they are launching an independent investigation into the inner workings of the Hillsong NYC/East Coast church.

The decision came days after the senior pastor posted an official announcement of the ministry's decision to terminate Pastor Carl Lentz from service. Lentz was relieved from duty due to alleged leadership issues and moral failure.

In a Twitter update posted Thursday, Houston said that Hillsong NYC/ East Coast needs a solid foundation for a fresh start and new beginning. He further assures the public with an ending statement that the best is yet to come.

The senior pastor's Twitter post that now has more than 1,100 likes continues to gain public attention and was retweeted more than 40 times. Replies flooded the pastor's tweet with prayers and encouragement for the church as well as the family, although others expressed criticism.

The decision to terminate Lentz

On November 4, Hillsong Church Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston surprised the world with an announcement on their official website. He posted about a decision that according to him was done in the best interest of everyone including Lentz. He added that the decision was not lightly done.

On the said post, Houston expressed his grief over the sanction granted to Lentz due to his reported leadership issues, breach of trust and alleged moral failure. The Hillsong founder mentioned his and his wife Bobbie's personal sadness as they have known Lentz for over 20 years, and his wife Laura for her entire life.

On his Instagram post on November 6, Carl, who was credited for baptizing Justin Beiber, confirmed the end of their time with Hillsong NYC. He described the years he had with the ministry as the most impacting and amazing chapters of their lives.

He admitted that he did not do an adequate job finding the help that is already available in refilling his own soul and protecting his own spirit. In his statement, he also confirmed that he was unfaithful to his marriage and acknowledges that he will take accountability for his actions.

He further explained that embracing the calling of being a pastor requires a life that honors the mandate, honors the church, and honors God. He added that failure to live such an honorable life requires change to ensure that the standards he mentioned will be upheld.

The third party

Ranin, a 34-year-old Muslim designer of Egyptian Palestinian descent, claimed that she had a relationship with the relieved pastor. She said their five-month affair ended last week.

Ranin said she had no idea that Lentz was married and was a celebrity pastor, and that she had no knowledge about the Christian world as a Muslim. According to her, the pastor introduced himself as a sports agent and refused to give his last name so that they could know each other better first before she could look him up in Google.