The United States military have given warnings on the possibility of China taking back their control over Taiwan that they regard as their "rebel state," reports say.

According to the Associated Press, China is mounting its "power" in Asia beginning with reclaiming Taiwan that is regarded as the "most immediate flashpoint" to overthrow the United States' hold in the continent and its "chief source of tension between Washington." The AP cited two top military personnel who have projected "risks are going up" in so far as China's invasion of Taiwan is concerned.

"We have indications that the risks are actually going up. The threat is manifest during this decade - in fact, in the next six years," stated Asia-Pacific Region Senior U.S. military Commander Admiral Philip Davidson.

Davidson's pronouncements took place before a Senate panel on the Chinese military move on Taiwan last March. But the AP said this could be nearer as per remarks of Admiral John Aquilino that came in days later.

"My opinion is, this problem is much closer to us than most think," Aquilino said.

CBN News reported that these fresh fears of Taiwan's invasion by China were heightened when the former's foreign minister warned the latter on Wednesday that they are willing to defend their nation "to the very last day." CBN News stressed that the Chinese government "sees the Biden Administration as weak" such that they could easily be tempted to invade Taiwan now that they have "ramped up military operations in the Taiwan Strait."

Meanwhile, The Diplomat pointed out three factors that have increased fears of China's impending attack on Taiwan. First is the statements given by "many outside experts" primary of which is Davidson's.

Second is the "cross-strait war" where Chinese military equipment have intensified since 2020 and where a military exercise took place not as a "warning" of China's power "but a rehearsal for a Taiwan takeover."

Third is the perception on "the general increase in the aggressiveness" of China's "foreign policy" that has led to border clashes with neighboring countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

CBN News raised that an agreement between the United States and Taiwan for its defense could prevent its invasion. It cited Ohio Representative Steve Chabot in stating the need for a "crystal clear" agreement with Taiwan on the matter.

"And I must say, strategic ambiguity relative to Taiwan and China is, in my opinion, absurd and dangerous. We ought to be crystal clear that if China attacks Taiwan, we will be there with Taiwan," Chabot said during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Taiwan.

The question that needs to be answered is whether the United States would help Taiwan should China invade it. In such a case the U.S. does help, the Pentagon presented simulations that the U.S. will lose the battle to China since its bases are far from Taiwan, CBN News noted.

Despite speculations, The Heritage Foundation Senior Research Fellow Dean Cheng believes that China would pick a more peaceful route in reclaiming Taiwan. Cheng said that it is "very dangerous to assume" China will invade Taiwan. Instead, the Chinese government would "certainly prefer to reunify with Taiwan peacefully" although they have stated in the last seven decades that they are "prepared to use force if it is necessary."