America's prayer movement Intercessors for America (IFA) continues to stir up Christians to shake off neutrality by standing for God.

Prophetic voices and passionate intercessors are rising in America. In a Thursday submission for the ministry's blog, a contributor named Gloria Robles shared a prophetic dream which she urged believers to prayerfully read.

In the dream, Robles said she saw a "beautiful bald eagle" which landed on a fence across her. She explained that spiritually, an eagle in a dream can represent prophets, prophetic people, and even the nation of United States.

Extending the dream's application to the state of the country, Robles shared other details which she deemed important but highlighting one phrase: "on the fence." This is because in her dream, the bald eagle alighted atop a fence before eventually flying away as she drew near.

"'On the fence' means to be wavering, neutral, hesitant, unable to choose between two sides, indecisive due to fear. Once I learned this, I immediately sensed the Lord speaking about the condition of many Christians in the nation," said Robles.

Recognizing that the dream may not apply for every reader, she directed her monologue to the American Christians who are or had been on the fence.

"Have we been afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation, or being cancelled? Have we been indecisive? Have we been afraid to speak the truth for fear of ruffling feathers? Have we been neutral?" she wrote as confession.

"Who is on the Lord's side?"

Robles believes that part of her dream pictures a "wake up call to the church to get off the fence."

She wrote that when God's people become impatient in waiting for His interventions, they become vulnerable to the sin of idolatry and misplaced patriotism.

"It's when God doesn't answer on our timetable that we are in danger of foolishly entertaining our own golden calves, a cheap substitute," she said. "This is why the Lord says we must make a decision."

Her point was also the heart cries of preachers like Hank Kunneman and Mario Murillo who always spur their readers or audience to put their faith on God and not the government.

Christians are Free to Make Godly Choices

On controversies and culture wars, Robles maintains that there is no middle ground in God's Kingdom. Sin will always be a sin even when the evolving society starts calling it 'good' and 'acceptable.' The intercessor warns that jumping on the bandwagon "breeds compromise and confusion."

"The devil isn't even hiding...So why should we?"

Still on the subject of the Church making a choice to stand with and for God, Robles certifies that hiding and staying silent means Christians lose more ground or influence for the good of everybody, their freedom, and more.

"We can get off the fence and get in the story, or we can stay hidden while the enemy is waging a war against the nation, against our families, against our churches," challenged the prophetic voice in Robles.

Come out of Hiding and Get Off the Fence
As noted earlier, the eagle in Robles' dream can represent not just the nation but also Christians. Again the prophetic intercessor rallies Christians to press on with what they have already started.

"I believe many prophets/prophetic people are hiding right now. I believe many have been silent due to the attacks. Many have stopped speaking out. Many have stopped sharing dreams and words for fear of backlash or rejection. Many have stopped writing."

She said that the time spent on hiding behind the fence or simply sitting on top it was long enough. She declared that God isn't finished with them yet, and that the marching order is to "come out of hiding."

"Ride the Storm, Eagle"
Eagles are determined creatures and they're fearless when faced with storms. Robles believes that the metaphor applies to all of God's people in America who are committed to winning their moral and legal battles on their knees.

"Lord, restore the mighty roar of intercession and prophecy once again. Give us boldness like Elijah for this time. In Jesus' name," prayed Robles at the end of her column.