Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly hit on President Joe Biden's United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield for her "reprehensible" anti-America comments and called for her resignation.

As per Breitbart, Pompeo called on Thomas-Greenfield to resign during a radio guesting with WABC 770AM's "The Cats Roundtable" program. Pompeo expressed his disagreement on Thomas-Greenfields "white supremacy" remarks to the radio's host John Catsimatidis.

"I heard our Ambassador to the United Nations this week talk about our founding as fundamentally corrupt and flawed and not noble and good. I couldn't disagree more. And I think frankly, I think it's disqualifying to have a U.N. Ambassador who expresses a moral relativism and doesn't understand the exceptional nature of the country in which we all live," Pompeo said.

"People around the world get it. You see people wanting to immigrate here. You see people attracted to this shining city on the hill, and to have our American ambassador to the United Nations denigrate the founding principles of the United States and America the way that she did this week is truly reprehensible," he stressed, "and, in my view, if she truly believes that, she ought to resign and allow someone who believes in the greatness of the United States of America to take her place."

Last Wednesday, Thomas-Greenfield remarked in the National Action Network event that racism is "woven into" the founding documents of the United States. "White supremacy is weaved into our founding documents and principles," she said.

During the radio guesting, Catsimatidis raised the issue on "the Asian front" and "is the world good" to which Pompeo stated that the United States remains in control against the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. He cited the CCP's propaganda, invasion of telecommunications, and "releasing the Wuhan virus" the CCP has undertaken among other tactics in their "desire to be a global power."

Pompeo called what is happening in Hong Kong as "tragic" while stressed the need to approach the issue with China different with the issue with Russia such that areas of undertaking positive transactions with the latter country could be undertaken. He stressed the America is a noble place before he expressed his sentiments on Thomas-Greenfield's remarks about America and its history.

In an interview with the Independent Women's Forum last April 16, Pompeo gave a state of freedom in the world and of the U.S. Foreign Policy. He told Beverly Hallberg during the said interview that the Biden administration "just flipped the switch" of everything the Trump Administration has worked hard for in so far as the U.S. Foreign Policy is concerned that has now caused "chaos", particularly zoning in on the "devastating humanitarian crisis that is at our borders."

He said that the Biden Administration has also taken away the "leverage" they built with Iran in terms of dissuading them on having their own nuclear program.

Pompeo also shared how he "made clear" to the world that America's founding "was wonderful." This is totally different to what Thomas-Greenfield projected in her recent remarks. He actually tweeted about the interview the day before his radio guesting.

"When I represented our country around the world, I wanted to be sure America would be a force for good. I made it clear that our founding was a wonderful, important example of democracy every place I went," he said on Twitter.