Jolene Grover has had enough of school authorities forcing students to comply with trans policies. The 14 year old who formerly attended a Loudoun County public school called out school board members who, "in the name of inclusivity" enabled biological males to enter restrooms and locker rooms of biological females through its trans policies. Her remarks went viral last week, when she blasted the school board for forcing girls to comply with rules that are "an affront to female students."

"Your policies are dangerous and rooted in sexism," Grover accused the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia, as reported by the New York Post. "You do this in the name of inclusivity while ignoring the girls who will pay the price. Your policies choose boys' wants over girls' needs."

The teen who was fighting to protect young girls from trans policies lamented that boys are "reading erotica in classrooms next to girls," the same boys will be allowed to share restrooms and locker rooms with girls, putting the female students in danger. She argued that "Everyone knows what a boy is - even you," which meant that biological males should be designated to their own public spaces.

Grover no longer attends a Loudoun County public school and instead is being homeschooled. She recounted how she once visited a guidance counselor to express her concerns over the school's trans policies, but was dismissed and told that girls can use the stalls in the bathroom instead. Since then, she has been determined to blow the whistle on the school's trans policies that place girls in danger.

"I also speak out because there are too many cowardly adults who are remaining quiet about this issue," Grover argued. "I want adults to stop calling me brave for fighting a battle that wasn't mine to begin with."

The teen added that she is speaking out for her friends who still attend the school and are afraid of speaking out about its trans policies. Grover's mother, Nastassia, who previously wrote to condemn gender identity ideology and how it endangers women's rights, was vocal about supporting her daughter, saying, "Outrage is important. It motivates people to speak out and to fight for what they believe in. Righteous indignation leaves no room for fear."

According to the Christian Post, Grover's mother lamented that for now, the only solution to keep children and girls safe from trans policies is for conservative parents to homeschool their kids instead. She criticized the Democratic Party for being a "lost cause" on issues such as transgenderism and called on the Republican Party to come together and be the party of the "common, moral working man."

The teen's mother also called out organizations such as Equality Virginia and the Human Rights Campaign for being the "puppet masters pulling the strings," organizations that are "too financially and politically powerful to ignore" who are also "complicit in lies and child abuse."

Virginia is currently being led by Democratic Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine. Its 11 seats at the House of Representatives are held by a majority of seven Democrats and four Republicans.