The fourth part of the "God's Not Dead" movie series is slated for release this fall, and will address issues surrounding the freedoms of speech and religion.

"God's Not Dead: We the People" tells about the story of Reverend Dave (David A.R. White) who moved to defend a group of Christian homeschooling families. But his action would lead him to a congressional hearing in the nation's capital, wherein his testimony will be a determining factor of the religious liberty's future in the country.

Speaking to The Christian Post, Pinnacle Peak Pictures shared that the topic of the film encourages Christians to be firm in their fight for freedoms.

"We feel honored to provide our faithful audience another installment in the God's Not Dead franchise that provides a compelling, timely, and convicting message. The themes in this film reflect news headlines and encourage believers to remain strong in their fight to protect their spiritual rights and God-given freedoms," the production company said.

Michael Scott told Newsweek that the film tackles the relevant issues in society today.

"There's a lot of societal issues we take on. What are our freedoms? What are our liberties? And how much should government control us? It's timely, considering debates about critical race theory, revisionist history and prayers taken from schools. The movie is a defense of parental choice," he stated.

Directed by Vance Null, the movie is starred by David A.R. White, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Isaiah Washington, Francesca Battistelli, William Forsythe and Jeanine Pirro. It is written by Tommy Blaze, Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon. The executive producers include White, Jim Ameduri and Scott.

When White announced the filming of the movie in January, he revealed a few interesting things abour the upcoming film.

First, he said the script is inspired by the films "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington," adding that he is a fan of the latter.

"Right after you watch 'It's A Wonderful Life,' make sure you tune in to, watch 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.' You kind of get an idea what is 'God's Not Dead's' next installment is gonna be like," White said at the time.

Second, he said the film will be based in Oklahoma, place he is very excited to go to.

Third, he mentioned that some of the series' cast, who appeared in earlier installments, will make their way to the upcoming film. He didn't mention names at the time he teased about the new installment, but they have been revealed now.

About "God's Not Dead"

The film series began in 2014, which is about the story of a college freshman student who challenged his philosophy professor over the argument that "God is dead" and that He does not exist.

The second installment was released in 2016, showing the journey of a Christian high school teacher who was accused of preaching in class and disciplined for the said allegation, forcing her to take the matter to court.

In 2018, Pure Flix Productions released "God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness," telling the story of defending a church's existence on college campus grounds, worsened by a fire.

The 2014 series was the film adaptation of the book, "God's Not Dead: Evidence of God in an Age of Uncertainty," written by Rice Broocks.