A former reality show contestant and poker player shared her divine experience, leading to the realization that God has always been with her.

Anna Khait, a Survivor Cambodia contestant, told the CBN News that she was a fan of the reality television series, as well as poker, because of their need to be tackled with strategy in solving issues.

Khait grew up in church but hated the rules that came with it, pushing herself away from God.

"I really thought God isn't real and that actually led me to the belief that there is no God," she added.

She then became an atheist but her parents separated, which left her feeling abandoned and hurt. She began looking for love from other people, specifically from a man, but "never" felt "fulfilled."

Sometime during her teenage years, someone introduced poker to her. Fascinated by the game, it quickly became her addiction. After earning her bachelor's degree, she moved in with her boyfriend, a professional poker player who helped her master her skills in the game.

Soon after, she was playing on tournaments, where she would win thousands of dollars a day. She described her life then as "spontaneous" but "wasn't fruitful" and felt "broken inside."

Then one day, she was called to join the Survivor Season 32: Kaoh Rong. She was dropped halfway into the show, however. That devastated her, causing her life and relationship with her boyfriend to fall apart. She also lost her passion in playing poker.

At that moment in life, she got on her knees and called on to God, challenging Him if He was "real."

"I remember I said, 'God, if you are real, show me you're real. What do I do with my life, because I'm lost, and I don't know what to do?'" she shared.

Two weeks later, still waiting for God's answer, she was invited to join a school tour with other reality television stars. After the program, one of the celebrity speakers approached her to tell about God's message for her.

"You felt the Holy Spirit before. You felt the Holy Spirit before and God is real, just so you know," the speaker said.

Khait then remembered the time when she visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem. While watching people, she called them "idiots" in her heart for "praying to a God that doesn't exist," blaspheming God. But out of a sudden, she heard many voices singing.

"I heard this beautiful singing start. Thousands of voices singing and it was everywhere. I mean, I looked around and I couldn't understand where the singing was coming from. It was the most incredible, profound experience of my life and I never knew what it was, but I just, I wasn't ready to hear," she recalled.

When she finished telling her story to the speaker, he told her that Khait felt the Holy Spirit and what she heard were actually angels singing.

 She agreed with him that those singers were angels and realized that "God was real." She then prayed to Jesus and repented of her sins. After her prayer, she felt that all the weight of sadness, depression and brokenness were lifted off from her shoulders.

To build a real relationship with God, Khait started praying and studying the Bible.

In conclusion, she realized that God has always been with her in the journey of life, but was just patient enough to wait for her response with all those times that He was trying to catch her attention.

"God has always been there for me. Jesus has always been there for me. He's just the most amazing thing in the universe and I just wish more people knew about Him - knew Him intimately - because knowing Him intimately is where all the keys are to His heart. It is so fulfilling. And you know being lost and broken, searching for love...I found it in Jesus. He's a gentleman, and He'll knock on your door until you answer and open that door. And He's just - He's incredible," Khait declared.

The Western Wall is regarded by the Jews as "the most religious site in the world." Also known as the "Wailing Wall," it is the only remains of the retaining wall around the Temple Mount, where the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem were built.

People from all over the world come to this place to pray, believing that God would hear all the prayers from this place. This belief is held due to King Solomon's request to God during the dedication of the first temple. The third king of Israel pleaded for the LORD to hear the people's prayers when they do toward the temple.

After the dedication, God appeared to Solomon one night and agreed to hear the prayers declared from that place.

"I have heard your prayers and have chosen this place myself as a temple for sacrifices," God said in 2 Chronicles 7:12.

"Now My eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that My Name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there," the LORD further stated in 2 Chronicles 2:15-16.