The withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan last week that have led to the Taliban takeover reportedly caused Israelis to be worried about the potential rise of radical Islamism.

The Christian Headlines reported that journalist Joel Rosenberg revealed how President Joe Biden's decision has impacted Israelis during a guesting at Trinity Broadcasting Network's "Huckabee." Rosenberg, who resides in Israel with his family, is a New York Times bestselling author of 19 books and the founder of and, which are news websites in the Middle East.

During the August 21 episode of "Huckabee," Rosenberg discussed the changes in the Middle East brought by the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Rosenberg, a dual citizen of the United States and Israel, said Biden's decision have created distrust on his support for allies leaving them "rattled."

"Israelis are terrified by what's just happened. They are watching a surrender of an American ally [and] the world's leading superpower. And as we face our main enemies--which is not Afghanistan but is the realm of radical Islamism, and particularly the Iranian regime--we are not seeing President Biden create confidence that he will stick with an ally," Rosenberg disclosed.

"And we are being rattled by this. Everybody in the region--our Sunni Arab allies (and) Israel--is being rattled," Rosenberg continued.

Rosenberg went on to point out that Biden doesn't seem to understand how things are in the Middle East and how his decision affects Israeli leadership.

"I think he loves Israel but I think he doesn't get the Iranian regime. He doesn't get radical Islam. He clearly doesn't get Afghanistan and the Taliban," Rosenberg disclosed.

"So, the current new Israeli leadership has to figure out how do they navigate if America is retreating, and if they can't possibly trust the leaders in Washington. That's a scary environment for Israel," he stressed.

Israel's leadership has just changed during this summer with Benjamin Netanyahu being replaced with Naftali Bennett, who Biden is scheduled to talk to on Thursday in Washington D.C.

Rosenberg, on Tuesday, announced that Bennett is up for a "biggest test" when he meets with Biden. He disclosed that the new prime minister is looking forward to accomplishing "four specific objectives" when he gets to Washington.

"Naftali Bennett is facing the biggest test this week on the biggest stage of his life. In talking to sources close to the new Israeli prime minister, I can report that Bennett has four specific objectives he wants to accomplish here in DC," Rosenberg said, including a link to his op-ed in

In the op-ed, Rosenberg revealed that Bennett's first test is to convince Israelis that he has "what it takes to operate on the global stage and strengthen the US-Israeli strategic alliance" in the face of what has happened in Afghanistan. He stressed that Biden "surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban" despite the United States investing in it for two decades and funding it with $2 trillion for stabilization and liberation on top of the sacrifice of "2,500 American servicemen."

Rosenberg said the next two tests involved Bennett convincing Biden "that he is a friend" that he "can work closely with" by presenting "a clear, compelling and comprehensive alternative strategy to neutralizing Iranian nuclear and terror threat."

Finally, Bennett has to remain "scrupulously bipartisan--even nonpartisan--in his approach" since Republicans are in agreement with his stand on rejecting the JCPOA and tougher approach to Iran.