Ainsley Earhardt, who rose to fame as a host at Fox & Friends, has launched a new faith-based series titled "Beyond and Back," which chronicles experiences of those who narrowly escaped death. The show is a five-part series that follows several people who have discovered truths about the afterlife.

According to Faithwire, "Beyond and Back" will debut on Fox Nation with an episode titled "Proof of Heaven" which tells the story of Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who "always knew science was the pathway to truth." In the episode, the neurosurgeon talks about his disbelief in the afterlife which was debunked after he fell gravely ill in 2008 and was said to have merely a 2% chance of survival.

Dr. Alexander recounted how one morning, he experienced severe back pain and collapsed, breaking out in a cold sweat. The neurosurgeon was later diagnosed with E. coli meningitis and was in a coma for four days. Medical reports said that Dr. Alexander was brain-dead but that his mind was still alive.

"Even though he was raised Methodist, Eben didn't really believe in God because his scientific training offered no evidence for it," Earhardt explained. Dr. Alexander then explained his near-death experience.

"This slowly-spinning light came toward me with a perfect musical melody, and that opened up a wormhole or a portal into this higher realm," the neurosurgeon recounted. "It was absolutely beautiful beyond description."

Meanwhile, the second episode of "Beyond and Back" follows Jeff Fusco, a COVID patient who struggled to survive. In the episode titled "Two Hours to Live," he recounted the incredible moment he was saved from death.

In episode three titled "Soul Survivor," Jeff Olsen sheds light on his spirit's experience behind life and another realm. Episode four, titled "Diving Deep," newlyweds Darnisha and Scott Taylor recall a diving accident that sparked a deep-water rescue.

The fifth and final episode titled "Hell on Earth," a Los Angeles firefighter recalls his experience being trapped in a raging inferno, narrowly escaping death to later share his story.

"God is giving us these experiences all over the world for a reason, and the five different stories in this series are just a small glimpse into the bigger plans that God has for us all," Earhardt told the Christian Post. The Fox & Friends host, who herself is a Christian who is vocal about her faith and its role in her everyday life, developed the show, which features stories that are just beyond scientific explanation. It also features both believers and non-believers who all could not explain how they narrowly escaped their demise.

Earhardt explained that the pandemic has forced a lot of people to look at the more uncertain parts of life at a speed they are to used to, which is why she wanted to develop a series "to give viewers a sense of hope and faith that there is something more after this life and to find comfort in knowing that our loved ones are not alone when they die."

When asked what she thinks lies ahead at the end of life on earth, Earhardt returned to her faith and reverted to the Bible, "which says there is a Heaven and we get there not by works, but by faith in Jesus Christ. Heaven is God's dwelling place and a realm where everything operates according to God's will."