Even after receiving two doses of the vaccine, an Irish YouTuber was turned away from a restaurant in his hometown.

Daniel Ewing, better known as The CraicMaster on YouTube, and YouTuber Lee Davey attempted to visit the Nimmos restaurant in Galway, Ireland.

According to Summit News, the restaurant's employees demanded that he leave the property since he had just had his second dosage of the vaccination a few days earlier.

Due to the fact that Ewing had just received his second shot on September 29, he was informed that he "hadn't been vaccinated long enough."

Ewing stated that he had just done a PCR test, which had shown that he was negative, but that the restaurant was not interested in this information.

"I flew on a plane, there was no issue with that, I flew on a plane and I can't go to a restaurant," he said.

"It's sad considering this is my own country, this is where I'm from, I'm double jabbed, I've done a PCR test and a restaurant in Galway my hometown won't let me in the restaurant," he added.

Davey described the incident as "beyond a joke" and called for a boycott of the establishment, calling its conduct "wrong" and a form of "discrimination."

According to Ewing, although he recognized that as a business, the restaurant must enforce the regulations, he disagreed with the legislation that prevents unvaccinated individuals from entering.

By October 22, all COVID limitations in Ireland are scheduled to be removed, including the requirement for vaccination passports, but it remains to be seen whether that will really happen if virus cases continue to increase near the end of the month and booster doses become mandatory.

Similar case

In July, the same news source reported on how a Costa Coffee store in Ireland required customers to provide evidence of vaccination and a picture ID in order to enter.

Customers in the town of Killarney were informed by a sign placed on the window of one of the business's locations that "proof of immunity," such as an EU digital COVID certificate, an HSE vaccination card, or "proof they have recovered from COVID-19," was needed for entry.

Customers had to provide a picture ID, such as a passport or driver's license, in order to enter the store, as well.

People who had not had the required vaccinations were instructed to sit outdoors or vacate the area.

Although there does not seem to be an official Costa Coffee policy on the subject, the expectations are being imposed on consumers nevertheless.

There is also no law in Ireland that requires any kind of COVID permit to be shown in order to access coffee shops.

Twitter users, in response, were outraged by the coffee shop's stance.

"Bye, Costa," one person said. "Regardless of how they try to divide us, no decent human being can surely be ok with this segregation on principle."

"Never ever again," said another. "Not even in desperation will I ever go in a Costa or buy anything with the name Costa on it. And trust me I can do this til the day I die."