Former abortionists join pro-lifers in a gathering that launched the 2363 campaign that is set to "change minds" on the preborn.

Live Action recently launched its 2363 campaign in a kickoff event held in Santa Monica, California last Saturday, October 16. The group said its 2363 campaign cost millions of dollars poured to "raise awareness" that there are 2,363 abortions committed daily in the United States, "making abortion the leading cause of death for children."

The gathering was attended by 2,000 people including former abortionist Dr. Kathi Aultman. The event also featured pro-life movement leaders such as abortion-survivor-turned-speaker Lianna Rebolledo, Live Action Founder-President Lila Rose, Center for Medical Progress Founder David Daleiden, and abortion pill reversal advocate Rebekah Hagan. Celebrities such former National Football League Player Andre Levrone, Jr. and singer-songwriter Colton Dixon also graced the event.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the 2363 campaign video that was presented by Rose. The educational video powerfully presents "the humanity of preborn children and the atrocities of abortion," which is the very aim of the 2363 campaign. The video actually shows interviews before and after pro-abortion advocates watched the actual procedure presented by a medical professional.

"Through 2363, Live Action hopes to educate the nation on the humanity of preborn children while emphasizing the imperative to protect these children in the womb. The campaign will also connect women and families with life-saving resources and equip new pro-life activists to end abortion in their communities," Live Action said in their website.

The website also revealed the impact of the video as of date, which includes people "already changing hearts and minds." Live Action pointed out four areas this change is taking place based on a national survey on abortion after people have viewed the video.

The survey showed that an 11% increase in the number of people whose position "as abortion should never be legal" was recorded, with 44% now as against 33% previously. People who now viewed abortion "more negatively" is at 62% while those who viewed it "much more negatively" is at 39%. While a drop of 6% from 13% was recorded for people who agreed that "abortion should be legal at any time even after birth."

Rose underscored that the campaign highlights abortion as the "greatest crisis" faced by humanity by presenting abortion facts and the daily violence it causes to the unborn.

"Every day, in the richest and most powerful nation in the history of the world, 2,363 children are killed by the violence of abortion," Rose said.

"The facts about abortion are devastating, but must be known: these 2,363 precious lives are killed through chemical abortions--starved of nutrients, then forcibly aborted, or torn into pieces by suction and removed from their mothers, or torn limb from torso by forceps while still alive, before their skulls are crushed, or stabbed in the heart or head with a lethal injection. The mass killing of the innocent through abortion is the greatest crisis we face as human beings," she highlighted.

Live Action also intends to hold similar gatherings to launch the 2363 campaign in other states especially those that are advocating abortion such as New York City and Washington, D.C. besides having a distinct website for it. The pro-life organization also challenges pro-lifers to send the 2363 campaign "to the people in" their life "who may not be completely pro-life yet."