Mikhaila Peterson recently shared with the public her experience getting closer to God, describing her conversation to faith as "very sudden." The daughter of famed clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, Mikhaila this month launched a podcast, in which she shared how she spent the last month "reading the Bible and praying."

"The amount of peace I've had I haven't had before. It's completely absurd," Peterson said, as per Faithwire. "I can't believe it."

Peterson shared how she came to believe in God, sharing that she experienced four significant issues in her life that were "going really badly." While she did not specify what "four major problems" she had, she did recount how she traveled to Austin, Texas, where she later met a man of Christian faith with whom she shared the details of her struggles. He then advised her that she needed God.

Peterson admitted that she did not know how to "get there" or to connect with God. The Christian man advised her to ask God "to reveal Himself" to her. She shared how she went home that night feeling "pretty upset" about her four issues and went to bed "seriously praying" and that the next day, all of her four problems "cleared up in ways that made sense."

"It was logical, they could have cleared up. But the likelihood of all four of them randomly clearing up that day was just too much," Peterson explained. "I also woke up with this sense of calm that I hadn't felt. And that was enough. I was like, 'OK, that's good enough for me.'"

After her problems cleared up, Peterson admitted she took to Scripture and read the Bible every day. She also second guessed herself, wondering if her newfound faith in God was merely an emotional fluke. She had spent two miserable days feeling "existential angst" over her experience of praying and having her problems go away the next day.

Peterson said she then had "the most wild dream" where she "woke up at 5:30 in the morning" when a "loud thundering voice just yelled, 'Do it!'" The podcaster said that she thought, "'I think I just got yelled at by God. I think that just happened.' That's what it felt like."

That's when Peterson realized she had to commit to her faith. She admitted, "It's been a wild month. I'm doing well. It's just I'm a little bit shocked."

Peterson is now keeping busy juggling being a podcaster, CEO, and lifestyle blogger, Beyond Fashion Magazine reported. She's also mom to four year old Scarlett and founder of "The Lion Diet," a "carnivorous diet that consists solely of ruminant meat (beef, lamb, goat, etc.), salt, and water," which both her parents are also on. She founded the diet after her struggle healing from a severe autoimmune disorder, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, bipolar type two, idiopathic hypersomnia, and rashes, among other health issues.

Peterson is set to release her first book "Could Be Worse" early 2022.