One well-known Texas church was lambasted by many Christian leaders this weekend after a chorus of "Let's Go Brandon" was chanted in protest of the Biden administration.

A gathering held Saturday at San Antonio's Cornerstone Church, where famed author John Hagee is a pastor, chanted "Let's Go Brandon," reports the Christian Headlines.

According to Church Leaders, "ThriveTimeShow" podcast host Clay Clark coordinated the event called ReAwaken America Tour, which included pastors Greg Locke and Artur Pawlowski, as well as evangelist Nick Vujicic, "Let Us Worship" leader Sean Feucht, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, and President Donald Trump's former national security advisor General Michael Flynn.

In addition to a video of the chant becoming popular on social media, another video shows the protest chant being prompted from the stage.

The term is said to have gained popularity during a broadcast NASCAR race in October, when fans started shouting an obscene phrase ("F-- Joe Biden"), which was then allegedly misheard by an NBC reporter as "Let's Go Brandon," a reference to the race winner's first name.

The phrase immediately became a catchphrase and was deemed the "clean" replacement for the more vulgar line.

Some Christian leaders and pastors, however, were not thrilled with the gesture, considering it disgraceful and contradictory to Jesus' teachings. Among those who vented their criticism on social media were the following:

Pastor and founder of GlocalNet Bob Roberts Jr. refers to the host church as "totally subverted & compromised of the Gospel of Jesus & his Kingdom" as well as "a perfect picture of Christian Nationalism."

As a euphemism for a swear word on Biden, pastor Griffin Gulledge of Madison Baptist Church in Madison, Ga., discourages the use of the phrase "Let's Go Brandon" by Christians.

"Where the Spirit of God is, we already have a slogan. It's 'Jesus Is Lord.' And if we believe it, we think twice before using church for this political nonsense," he pointed out.

Author Rod Dreher, responding to the incident, simply tweeted a call for repentance after calling the act "blasphemous."

On the other hand, Steve Viars, pastor and counselor of Faith Church in Lafayette, Ind., penned a Saturday post explaining why Christians should never use the term "Let's Go Brandon."

"When the people of God are caught up using words and phrases that are wicked to their very core, we have shown that politics has become more important than purity. Whenever and wherever that occurs, judgment needs to begin at the household of God (1 Peter 4:17)," he stressed.

After he spoke at the gathering and before the controversial chant, Pastor Todd Coconato, President of the Religious Liberties Coalition and founder of Remnant News, was contacted by Church Leaders.

"Many of the people in attendance are not believers, but are seeking," Coconato stated, revealing that they had witnessed over 2,000 salvation since the tour began.

Nonetheless, Coconato believes that Christians and Christian leaders should best avoid the "Let's Go Brandon" chant because "it isn't something that is edifying."

He also believes that people should be considerably more outraged by "the murder of the innocent" and other far more heinous crimes taking place in the society than they are by the chant.