During a three-year investigation, the short film "Enemies Within: The Church" was created to expose the social justice gospel that is corrupting and destroying churches, Bible schools, and seminaries throughout the world. The producer addressed the topic at hand during a brief conversation with a media entrepreneur.

Charisma Magazine Founder Stephen Strang interviewed Pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstone Church in Sioux City, Iowa for yet another special episode of The Strang Report. They discussed Pastor Gordon's motivation for making the film and his appeal for Christians everywhere to stand up for the truth.

The synopsis for the mini-documentary, which will be available soon through Charisma App Plus, is as follows:

"Here's why this movie is needed right now in American history: long-time, tenured, trusted institutions and the persons who influence and control those organizations have been compromised and are no longer safe. Whole denominations of the church - once filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and known for boldly declaring and honorably defending Christian orthodoxy - have been corrupted from within!"

Strang first questioned Gordon's motives for making a film on the church's detractors as a pastor. Because of their film's subject matter, Gordon said he didn't expect to make friends, but that preaching and defending one's faith were intertwined.

"So as a minister of the gospel, I have a duty to preach the Bible as accurately as possible," he said. "But also, I have a duty before the Lord, to defend the gospel from people who twist it. And we're living in a time when the gospel is getting twisted in every direction imaginable. And there's something, in particular, happening in the United States, that's very nefarious, I believe, very easily identified as the work of the spirit of anti-christ. It's lawlessness."

He went on to add that this anti-Christ spirit is infiltrating all of the Bible colleges, seminaries, and de facto institutions, as well as almost all of the churches, and that it is spreading across denominational lines from the Catholics to the Pentecostal-Charismatics.

"And it's referred to commonly as the social justice gospel," he explained. "That's why we made the movie to educate people so that they can understand the danger that's lurking. It's really a Christian version of Marxism, and it's getting everywhere."

Commenting on Gordon's documentary, Strang lauded the filmmaker for not just discussing the issues, but also for focusing on what might be done to address them. Because many conservative Christians are progressively becoming more "woke," Strang believes that a documentary like this is necessary at this time.

Next, Strang inquired of Gordon what he thought viewers would do with his documentary.

Gordon said that they hope for Christians who oppose racism and support Black Lives Matter to understand that by joining the march, they are associating with individuals who openly and brazenly blaspheme the Bible or Jesus Christ and are even prepared to engage in violence and burn whole cities to the ground.

"We just want people that are sincere and maybe didn't understand what they were getting involved with to repent," he said.

He went on to explain that some pastors may be taking up the jargon to stay relevant, but they should be aware that what they're preaching from the pulpit has Marxist and Communist origins.

"But then, obviously, we want people who are hardcore leftists, who aggressively pervert the Bible, to either repent or be marked, so everyone will stop sending them money, and helping them pervert the gospel, " he said.

Gordon also stressed the importance of caution for today's young generation who are being sent to seminaries, as these institutions have already been infiltrated by those who, in the name of "deconstructing the faith," are reconstructing something that is antithetical to the Bible in its place.

When it comes to the government, Strang remarked that churches and Christians seem to be indifferent with the woke or cancel culture.

Gordon added that Strang's comments were also a major part of the documentary's subject matter.

"We live in a world where Christians and non-Christians alike are sort of assuming that all of our rights came from the state. And this is really dangerous," he said.

Strang agreed, pointing out that one's constitutional rights, including one's freedom of religion, could not be curtailed in times of crisis.

In fact, notwithstanding the provisions of the first amendment, the state of Texas has ensured that the bill declaring that state governments cannot shut down churches during emergencies would be signed into law.