Jesus ‘Was Not Afraid To Speak The Truth’ And Christians Shouldn’t Be Scared Too, John Cooper Of Skillet Says

Skillet frontman John Cooper

Skillet frontman John Cooper, who has increasingly spoken about issues affecting Christianity in America, has once again shared his views in an interview, proving his determination to defend the truth in an age of biblical indifference.

When asked by My Faith Votes to provide encouragement to others to stand fearlessly for their faith, Cooper said that Christians who love Christ but don't want to be accused of being mean-spirited must remember that Jesus is the standard.

"Obviously, we know that Jesus was loving, but He was not afraid to speak the truth," he explained. "He wasn't mean, but Jesus said what needed to be said. We are at a moment in time where I believe the most loving thing that we can do is to speak up and say what we know is true. Jesus is the answer, and He can set all of us free. If you build your life on Him, He will give you peace in the middle of all this chaos."

In a transcript obtained by Christian Post, Cooper went on to discuss some of the concerns he had previously raised.

He said that he did not particularly comment on the Grammy Awards just because some of the performances were repulsive. With his wife's encouragement, he felt it was necessary to distinguish between "celebration of pleasure" and associating the pursuit of it with virtue.

"Now these pleasure-seekers are acting like they get to tell everyone what righteousness is," he said. "Christians may think, 'I know the Bible says this, but maybe I'm wrong because truth seems like it's changing every day.' I just want to remind Christians that no, truth is not changing."

Cooper feels that Christians have taken for granted their privilege of growing up in a country founded on Judeo-Christian values, which is why teaching the truth has become so difficult in recent years.

"Many Christian (sic), myself included, naively thought we could live in a pluralistic society and that everyone would agree on a standard of right and wrong, good and evil. But the more we understand the Bible, the more we realize how impossible this unity is because of the sinful nature of man," he argued.

"Politics cannot exist without religion"

 "There will always be a god of the system," he said of those who think that politics and religion must not be mixed.

He continued by saying that one's god is the basis upon which his laws are built. His beliefs and actions are governed by this ultimate authority and that civilization will devolve into "moral anarchy" unless there is a "supreme lawgiver."

"If we desire to survive as a nation, we must realize that we can't live in that sort of pluralistic society. If Jesus is really Lord, He has to be Lord of everything - the spiritual, physical, ethical, civil, and legal realms," he declared.

Cooper was also asked about his new book, "Awake & Alive to Truth: Finding Truth in the Chaos of a Relativistic World."

He claimed to have read over 180 books between 2012 and 2016. He eventually recognized at the conclusion of those four years that society no longer believes in truth and that postmodernism has become the dominant culture.

"The heartbreak came when I had to watch people I grew up with deconstruct their faith to such a degree that it couldn't be called Christianity any longer. They bought into the lie that God would never want to restrict them from doing what they wanted," he said as he explains his main motive for writing his book.

"These were people that I knew and loved, so it hit me in a personal way. I just thought somebody needed to explain what was going on here using everyday language. "

Watch Cooper's interview with My Faith Votes below.