This year's Thanksgiving was filled with lots of gratitude for one elderly COVID patient from Illinois who had to get approval from a court so that a hospital could give him ivermectin as a treatment.

Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois initially refused to administer ivermectin to 71 year old Sun Ng, who was hospitalized with severe COVID. According to CBN News, Ng traveled from Hong Kong to the U.S. to celebrate his granddaughter's first birthday when he contracted COVID in mid-October.

His case was so severe that he needed medical attention and was soon hospitalized. But when Edward Hospital refused to administer ivermectin as a treatment for Ng, his daughter, Man Kwan Ng filed a complaint.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Ng's daughter has a doctorate in mechanical engineering and had undertaken intense research into ivermectin, poring through scientific papers and consulting resources before coming to the conclusion that ivermectin "can help" her father. Edward Hospital, however, did not share her views. The hospital stood by the guidance of U.S. health and medical authorities, which is why Ng's daughter pushed through with her case.

A breakthrough in the case came last week when DuPage County Judge Paul Fullerton decided that Dr. Alan Bain, a Chicago physician who previously offered his services in other ivermectin cases, should be allowed to administer the drug to the 71 year old COVID patient. The judge ruled that the risk was minimal for someone like Ng who "is basically on his deathbed."

The case met another obstacle when Dr. Bain was found to be unvaccinated. Edward Hospital said it would violate their policy and Gov. J.B. Pritzker's executive order on health worker vaccinations to allow him to see a patient in their premises. The judge then cited an exemption in the governor's order that allowed health care works inside a hospital as long as they tested negative for COVID.

Dr. Bain soon presented a negative COVID test, after which he finally treated Ng with ivermectin, three weeks after the 71-year-old had been put on a ventilator. Ng's daughter's attorneys lamented the hospital's delays, but he eventually recovered. According to Fox 32 Chicago, Ng was given 15 shots of ivermectin from November 8 to 12. He then went on to recover and was released from the hospital on November 27.

Ng's daughter said in a statement, "My father's recovery is amazing. He was working so hard to survive, and of course, with God's holding hands."

She recounted how he had weaned off oxygen just three days after being released from the ICU and started oral feeding before he was discharged from the hospital. Ng also went home without the need for oxygen or a feeding tube installed to his stomach.

His daughter proudly gushed about how he "can now stand with a walker at the bedside and practice stepping. After being sedated for a month on a ventilator in ICU, his performance is beyond our expectations. Praise the Lord."