A renowned Christian minister and author urges believers to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit instead of relying on their physical senses to experience God's miracles.

In his article on Charisma Magazine, Tony Myers explained that the fall of man in the Garden of Eden is an example of the senses' danger, when Eve laid her eyes on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which the LORD forbade her and Adam to eat or even touch.

Myers is the founder of Outside the 4 Walls Ministry, a healing ministry and an organization that focuses on teaching believers to walk in the power of God through the Holy Spirit. He also wrote a number of books, including "The Lord Jesus Healed Me," "Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing," "Journey of an Atheist to the Truth," "Yes You Can," "Divine Healing DIY," "Knocking Food off its Pedestal" and "Pushing the Boundaries in Christ, Living Supernaturally."

The author reiterated that sin entered the world when Eve gave in to the serpent's temptation and ate from the forbidden tree, which she also shared with her husband. This, he said, was human history's "defining moment," wherein man began to make decisions based on what they see and not from God's perspective.

"This is what to be carnally minded really is; to be ruled by what we see, hear, feel, taste, touch and experience in this physical world. This causes us to make decisions not based upon the Spirit of God but rather in reaction to what we perceive by our physical senses," he added.

 Myers said that God created Adam and Eve to rule over the world but because of their knowledge of good and evil, man "became subjected to the world." He added that before the fall, Adam was fearless of animals in the wild but because of sin, man became afraid of those animals simply due to his knowledge of their danger.

"Instead of being dominant over this world, we are now subject to it and have victim mindsets," he pointed out.

In the modern world, the author said that science led man to the understanding of viruses and bacteria, as well as their dangers, which caused man to start being fearful of those. However, Myers argued that Christians must be led by the Holy Spirit and not by what they see.

"Being led by the Spirit is how we regain dominion over the physical world and start experiencing the victory that Jesus won for us in all areas of our lives," he stressed.

Myers also tackled the issue through his podcast titled, "Don't Bite the Apple." In the episode, he said that believers must stop trusting their physical senses because they are "in enmity with God," adding that what they see can kill them.

He shared about the man he met at the restaurant who initially shook his hand through the left arm due a huge gash with stitches on his palm. He then spoke healing to the man and just after their conversation, the man's right hand was miraculously healed.

The author argued that the only thing which stops others from experiencing God's miracles, like healing, is their reliance on the knowledge of physical realities, such as an expert opinion that declares the incurability of a certain disease.

To experience God's wonderful works, Myers encouraged Christians to listen to what the LORD says through the Holy Spirit, instead of what the physical senses feed the brain.