Prophetic Minister Declares What Christians Can Hope God Will Do In 2022

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As the turn of the year comes near, a minister shared about new things that will occur in 2022.

In his article on Charisma Magazine, Pastor Nathan Shaw prophesied that the power of God will cause unconventional developments in various areas of society.

Shaw is the senior pastor of Fire and Destiny Centre, as well as the Celebration Church in New Zealand. He is also the founder of Heart of David Ministries. He authored the books "Passion of Fire," "Unto the Least of These" and "A Defining Moment in History."

The minister revealed that the world is set to experience the following changes starting this coming year.

First, new winds. He said that the power of the Holy Spirit will move in unexpected ways and places, transforming and shifting the directions of nations. He added that like the Church's reaction of Paul's conversion, the transformations that are about to come on the nations, which currently "resist God and His purposes," will make people "incredulous."

"The miracle and message of redemption will be seen, known and experienced on a personal, national and international level," he further stated.

He compared this occurrence to what happened in Acts 1-2. In that period, the Holy Spirit began to move in the lives of the early Christians, leading to many miracles and conversions.

Next, new ways. Shaw disclosed that God will show new ways in various industries, bringing transformations that will amaze people.

"God's ways are higher than our ways. He has ways of doing things that no one has even thought of yet. Heavenly strategies will come forth that will miraculously transform and avert economic, medical and social catastrophes," he declared.

Third, new waves. The minister said that a "new God-ordained movements" will arise, touching all sectors of society and bringing hope to humanity.

He also prophesied the emergence of a movement that will counter the current "woke" culture.

"Waves carry weight. It's the weight that shifts and transforms everything in a wave's wake. There is a new 'woke' coming that will counteract the present counterfeit. This heavenly 'woke' will be carried in the wake and the weight of the new waves. The demonstration of God's justice will cause the shackles of the counterfeit to be thrown off and abandoned by many. A radical generation of evangelists is arising," he said.

The Guardian describes the current "woke" as a left-wing political ideology which is derived from the state of being conscious about societal inequalities and "being hyper-aware" of those responsible for such. Christian leaders warn against this.

Finally, divine disruptions. The minister said that since last year, people's lives have been "marked by many disruptions" but he declared that 2022 will bring divine interventions which will disrupt these disruptions. He warned though that these changes will cause "even greater chaos" but assured that since God sees the "endgame", peace will come and corruption will be eliminated.

In conclusion, pastor Shaw encouraged the believers to be glad for the things that the LORD will do for the world, citing Psalm 2.

"It's time to rejoice over God's plans for the nations! He sits in the heavens and laughs, because He has anointed sons and daughters on the earth who carry His heart and do His bidding," Shaw stated.