Christians Should Look Forward To A ‘Glorious Future’ Because The Best Days Are Yet To Come

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A Christian social media influencer reminded the believers that their "best days" are yet to come.

In his column on Charisma Magazine, Troy Black, a YouTuber and author, encouraged the believers to look ahead.

He said that people in their youth are usually optimistic about their future, having much to look forward to such as anticipating their wedding day, wherein they see it as either a fulfillment of their dreams, the beginning of their adult life or a time start their own families. But he said that as they get older, people tend to think that their best days are behind them.

Remembering their younger years wherein they can do more things, like being more athletic or having more friends, they get to be tempted to look back instead of forward. However, Black argued that for the believers, God said that their best days are still ahead of them.

He stressed that Christians are destined for a "glorious future" as the Bible states in Revelation 19:7-9.

Like a "wedding day on earth," the author said that a believer also has an "eternal wedding day" which he can look forward to. But he pointed out that the latter will be much grander and that the wedding on earth will never compare to the "heavenly joys" that His followers will experience with the Lord Jesus Christ.

"Even better, we will be introduced more fully into the deep, everlasting love of Jesus. We will experience His love in ways we could never have dreamed," he added.

Citing Ephesians 3:19, Black also reminded Christians about "the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge."

"That means we will for eternity be going deeper and deeper into the knowledge of His love for us. Yet, at the same time, it tells us to know His love. That means that God doesn't want us to wait until our wedding day to jump in," he further explained.

He went on to say that God calls His people to take "more intimate walk" with Jesus every day and "strip off" their worries, failures and fears to be able to fully surrender themselves to the One who loves them without end.

"Your best is yet to come but the joy of that day can begin now. We can get the party started here," he continued.

In conclusion, he expounded the meaning of being blessed, as the Bible states in Revelation 19:9.

"That day will be a day of overwhelming blessing but it does not specifically say we will be blessed. It says that we are already blessed. We are blessed to have access to the holy of holies where the lover of our souls dwells. We are blessed to walk by grace through faith, full of the hope and love of God," he said.

Black formerly worked as a website developer at The National Broadcast Ministry of Dr. Evans. He now owns a publishing company in Texas, the "Inspire Christian Books," through which he published his own books, including "My Mess." He also produces hundreds of inspirational videos that are available on YouTube.