Prophetic Seer Shares Important Tips On How To Move Forward To The Next Step In Your Life

Ana Werner
Prophetic seer Ana Werner |

Ana Werner, a prophetic seer who teaches churches about seeing the supernatural in Christ Jesus, shared that focusing on Jesus and having the willingness to adjust are keys in moving forward from the now into the next.

In her article in Charisma Magazine, Werner, also an author, mirrors the changing of the season to the change that is coming, wherein God is transitioning His people to where they are supposed to be.

Werner revealed that she was led into an encounter wherein she saw the hands of God moving people strategically like in a chess game. She declared that this is the time to advance forward.

Werner said that in this moment of transition, believers may experience an increased spiritual warfare which can rob them of peace because the enemy is trying so hard to hit them emotionally. She reminded Christians about the enemy who only comes to "steal, kill and destroy," trying to steal their peace.

Thus, she urged them to pray and seek help from God, declaring that Jesus is in control and the source of peace.

"You may feel like you are passing through the eye of a needle, but rest assured, Jesus is walking in your midst and directing your forward motion," she added.

She then disclosed the "prophetic tip" that the LORD gave her during the transition process - the willingness to adjust.

"I am fully convinced that our ability to adjust in this season is what will propel us forward. The vision or promise from God for our lives hasn't changed but we must be flexible in the new ways God wants us to move," the author continued.

Werner emphasized that a person must have the courage and trust in God to get into the destiny that the LORD has intended.

"God is taking us to places where we can't use our old maps. We won't have forward motion by keeping old mindsets. Your navigational compass right now is this: remaining in Him, seeking His Word and running full-throttle forward in the direction He is thrusting you," she said.

"Resistance to the change God's directing will only delay the process. Don't be held back in fear. It's time to advance forward with boldness and faith," she concluded.

Ana Werner and her husband Sam are the associate directors of Heartland Healing Rooms, an addiction treatment center in Missouri. They are also the founders of Acacia Ministries International, an organization that trains and equips missionaries.