Christian Businessman Shares How The Movement To ReAwaken America Back To God Came To Be

America's future rests on God's principles in the Bible
America's future rests on the nation's obedience to God's Word. |

Christian businessman Clay Clark shares with Christian media leader Stephen Strang how the ReAwaken America tour came to be as a result of Kim Clement's prophecy about President Donald Trump and more.

Clark, founder of Thrivetime and ReAwaken America, sat down with Strang for another episode of The Strang Report on the Charisma Podcast Network. He shared how he became so enthralled with the idea of seeing the United States restored to its original Constitutional and religious liberties.

Clark began by discussing his research into the origins of COVID-19, the RT-PCR testing, the so-called Rockefeller Plan, and all the misinformation pushed by the media and Big Pharma's front organizations. Emboldened by the knowledge that he was arming himself with the truth about the pandemic, he decided to reserve a place where he could discuss them. He said the place could barely accommodate 400 people, and that he didn't have any big ticketing mechanism, but he was astounded to have 50,000 ticket requests.

Following that, the two men talked about prophecies, particularly Kim Clement's.

Strang stated that he believes the recent election was stolen and that Donald Trump was the true winner, citing a 2007 prophecy by Kim Clement that predicted Trump will serve two terms as president of the United States. This is the same spirit-filled preached that also prophesied about Biden.

"Now there are some people will say, 'Well, you know, maybe he'll be in later.' I personally believe Donald Trump won. The election was stolen," he said.

"But I was just amazed at how much Kim Clement's prophecies were true," he continued. "There were two of them a couple of years apart. And they came true. "

Strang went on to add that Clement, who was in his mid-60s at the time of his death, passed away the same month that Trump was elected president.

"So there's no way that those prophecies could have been concocted after the fact," he pointed out.

Asked how Clement's prophecy personally impacted him, Clark recalled how moved and almost teary-eyed when he first heard the prophecy. That's because he realizes that God has also given him a part in the process.

Clement mentioned a mister "Clark" and a "Donald" in that prophecy. While the latter obviously stood for President Trump, Clark said he didn't realize that he was the one being mentioned there until later.

The late prophetic singer and musician said that "Clark" would be influential in America. He also gave some descriptions, identifying who the "Clark" was. Clay Clark narrated to Strang how he was convinced that it was him, through several points of confirmation- one of which involves the raising of the American flag and declaring just how proud he is of his nation.

Strang supported Clark's account while pointing out that the majority of America is unfamiliar with the spirit world and would see these events as "weird." He noted that while America does not operate in the spiritual realm, the spiritual realm is real and those who have received a touch from God will more than likely know that it is.

As a result, the ReAwaken Tour was launched, which Clark claims God commanded him to be sponsored only by him and other like-minded Christian business leaders in order to maintain the integrity of the message.

The ReAwaken Tour, according to Clark, is intended to inspire people by igniting hope and power inside them.

"We believe we are heading into one of the most pivotal times in our nation's history. That's why we are hitting the road to capture the action first hand," a statement on the ReAwakening website says.

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