Here's What The Church Should Be Doing Right Now, According To A Faithful Minister Of The Gospel

Mario Murillo
Mario Murillo

While the Church is Christ's bride, it is far from a helpless victim- She is a war bride who fights for justice and holiness, and according to this California preacher, every Christian has a job to do as part of the Church.

While Mario Murillo targeted woke pastors in his "Man on Fire" message during Andrew Wommack's Truth & Liberty Coalition Conference earlier this year, he did not miss out on the opportunity to tell any professing Christian that they have a responsibility to fulfill today.

"What is the part the God expects us to play?" he asked.

After recounting a portion of Biblical history in which King David took an inventory of the strength of Israel's tribes, he issued a challenge to his audience.

"I'm going to put all my currency on the table," he said. "I'm going to sacrifice any kind of favor I may have with you to tell you that it is the sworn duty of every born again Christian now to oppose transgenderism, abortion, and wokeness in the United States."

"The Church is the last hope to stop the cancer of wokeness"

 Murillo published a blog post titled "The Black Pill" in June. He portrayed the Left as erecting a lovely jail with the intention of educating children in socialism.

"A related new term has emerged and quickly gained popularity on the right, 'black-pilled.'"

"Black-pilled Americans have concluded politics and culture are so corrupt there is no longer any use in trying to save them. Think of the hundreds of thousands of Republicans who stayed home during the U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia. Instead, they believe the only viable course of action is to pull the plug and fade to black."

The black pill, according to Murillo, represents "prophetic fatigue." He said that many people have given up after being demoralized by the fraudulent election results.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the prophecy itself has become a pathetic statement of denial and awe. Many pastors want to return the church to its pre-pandemic state as a safe haven for the sick.

"To those on the verge of taking the black pill, I issue these solemn warnings," Murillo said, highlighting the following:

"You are doing this to your children and grandchildren."

 According to Murillo, they will be housed in a jail that is currently under development and that contemporary American Christians will contribute to their suffering. He said that they cannot absolve themselves of their responsibility for failing to oppose the criminals who are building the jail in which their successors would have to dwell.

"Look in their eyes, think of their future, and join the fight," urged Murillo.

"This is not going to just 'go away'. This is not going to fix itself. They are not going to merely leave you alone. "

"Just because you have stopped opposing them, it does not mean they will stop coming after you and your family," warned Murillo.

Murillo recognizes that many are weary, but it is precisely when Christians are weary that they must continue on, he said. He explained this by quoting a word of encouragement from Galatians 6:9 which says:

"And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."