Republican Glenn Youngkin, who won Virginia's gubernatorial race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe last November, was sworn in on Saturday as the 74th Governor of "this Great Commonwealth."

Following the swearing-in, Youngkin reportedly immediately "outlined his pro-life policy."

Pro-life giant Susan B. Anthony List announced in a thread of tweets that a "pro-life victory" has taken place in Virginia as Youngkin officially takes his seat as governor along with other top officials known for their stand against abortion.

"Congratulations @GlennYoungkin, @WinsomeSears & @JasonMiyaresVA who are being sworn in today as the Governor, Lt. Gov. & Attorney General of Virginia," Susan B. Anthony List said.

Christianity Daily previously reported that Youngkin's strong stand on local issues such as abortion, the critical race theory being taught in schools along with the LGBT agenda were the primary reasons he won the state's top post against pro-abortion, anti-parental-right-in-school-curriculum McAuliffe. Youngkin also replaced a pro-abortion tyrant, former Governor Ralph Northram, who is called "Governor Infanticide" that citizens were reportedly sick of.

Most revealing of McAuliffe's extreme abortion stand and of Youngkin's pro-life stand was during the gubernatorial debate where the former enshrined Roe v. Wade and made inconsistent claims that the latter proved afterwards as false through a new advertisement campaign.

Susan B. Anthony List, which endorses and supports candidates advocating life and exposes the ills of those working against it, encapsulated the winning strategy of Youngkin, which was to "go on offense" for the pro-choice campaign of McAuliffe.

"Youngkin's opponent, McAuliffe, ran multiple TV spots touting his pro-abortion record and attacking

@GlennYoungkin on his pro-life commitments...And still lost by 12 points among voters who cited abortion as their top issue," SBA List revealed.

"McAuliffe spent millions on pro-abortion ads, arguably making abortion the central issue in his campaign, but his strategy failed spectacularly. When pro-life Republicans go on offense to expose Democrats' abortion extremism, they win," the organization added.

SBA List retweeted National Review Correspondent John McCormack who highlighted what McAuliffe did for the abortion industry during the campaign yet failed nonetheless.

"McAuliffe ran hard on abortion-hitting the issue in TV ads, speeches, debates. Media and McAuliffe said the issue could sink Youngkin after Texas's 6-week ban took effect on September 1. McAuliffe even campaigned at an abortion clinic," McCormack said.

SBA List also divulged that the defense strategy was ensured to win by pro-life organizations such as Women Speak Out Virginia whom they partner with and who launched a $1.4 million campaign in October 2021 "to defeat McAuliff and support Youngkin, along with key pro-life candidates in House delegate races."

Because of such support and his own strong stand for life, Youngkin immediately unveiled "his pro-life policy commitments during his inauguration, which include advocating legislation to limit late-term abortions when unborn children can feel pain and working to stop taxpayer-funded abortions." This was after he promised to "work every day to strengthen the spirit of Virginia, and renew the promise of our people."

Youngkin, in his Twitter account, expressed his joy during the inauguration, which he coined as a very historical event.

"On Inauguration Day, the most diverse leadership in Commonwealth history stood together in prayer. Today, we sent a message to all Virginians that our Commonwealth is big enough for all of our hopes and dreams," Youngkin announced.

In his inaugural speech, Youngkin also reiterated protecting the Constitution by taking a "common path forward (that) protects both lives and livelihoods."

"And to be clear this spirit of Virginia is not about government deciding for us what is best for us. But rather reflecting the will of the people. Defending and protecting the rights guaranteed by our constitution. And a government and elected leaders going to work for 'We the People'. Make no mistake, Virginians remain resilient with that tenacity and grit and undeterred hope and optimism to press through these challenges. We must venture forward because a new and better day is ahead of us," Youngkin stressed.