Christians should "declare war" on the deconstruction movement and teach the "fundamental ideas" of the faith to the younger generation, by which the some churches has done a terrible job of discipleship, a popular Christian singer said.

"I don't even like calling it deconstruction Christian. There is nothing Christian about it. It is a false religion," Skillet's John Cooper remarked.

Cooper did not mention anybody by name, but claimed his remarks were directed at individuals who "used to be Christians" but now "reject true Christianity." Several well-known musicians and authors have announced their departure from Christianity in recent years.

Cooper goes on to ask why a generation that claims to value being their "true selves" is also the most medicated, anxious, and suicidal in our country's history, blaming celebrities for leading youth astray.

"And for all those once Christian persons who have tried to convince all these young people that they believe they have discovered a third way," he said. "Their third approach is this: It's fine if you believe in Jesus, but you shouldn't believe in the Bible. I'm here to warn you, young people, that loving Jesus without also loving his Word is impossible."

Cooper made the remarks while performing at Winter Jam, a Christian music tour, in Des Moines, Iowa.

According to, the deconstruction movement consists of "questioning, doubting, and finally rejecting portions of Christian religion."

The term was originated by French philosopher Jacques Derrida as a criticism of Platonism, but it's been popularized in recent years by people like Father Richard Rohr to refer to a spiritual journey - the growth of religious conviction. In this approach, most of us begin our spiritual journeys by constructing our spiritual worldview, which is typically based on ideas passed down from authoritative sources.

Cooper claims that the deconstruction movement has "divorced" Jesus from the Bible.

"There is no such thing as separating Jesus Christ from the Bible," Cooper stated, speaking to the young people in the crowd. "I don't hate those deconstructed Christians; I pray for their conversion, but they have detached themselves from God, and they want to take as many of you as they can, and it is time for us and your generation to wage war on this idolatrous deconstruction Christian movement."

"God's Word never changes," Cooper added.

"And at a time of pandemic, when people are losing their jobs, losing hope, and slipping back into drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and sexual immorality, Jesus provides hope. Jesus sets the captives free because of the cross,"

Cooper published "Awake and Alive to Truth," a book that analyses current worldviews including postmodernism and relativism in light of the Scripture.

"I designed this book primarily for a generation of young people who have not been taught the basic truths of God's Word," he explained. "It's not their fault; we didn't perform our jobs correctly, and we must do a better job."

Cooper's comments come at a time when many noted Christians announced their deconstruction and eventual departure from the faith. Readers are urged to pray for those who are doubting their identity in Christ.