A British microchip implant company has taken hand swipe payments to the next level, causing alarm about end times prophecies.

Implantable microchips in humans have come a long way since the first was implanted into a person in 1998. In the last decade, the technology was made available commercially and now, it has allowed for hand swipe credit card payments. Whenever anyone with a microchip implant wants to pay for any item using their credit card, all they need to do is place their hand with the chip next to the reader and the payment would be processed.

This technology was made available for sale by a British-Polish form called Walletmor in 2021, the BBC reported. Founder and chief executive Wojtek Paprota explained that the microchip implant may be used to pay for any purchase "wherever contactless payments are accepted."

The Technology Behind the UK Microchip Implant

Walletmor's microchip implant is so tiny and lightweight that it is less than a gram and only a little bigger than a grain of rice. It is equipped with a tiny microchip and an antenna encased in a biopolymer, which is a naturally sourced material that is like plastic.

Paprota claims that the microchip implant that now allows credit card payments is "entirely safe, has regulatory approval, works immediately after being implanted, and will stay firmly in place." It also does not need a battery or power source to bwork. The UK microchip implant firm said it has already sold more than 500 of these tiny chips.

Walletmor uses near-field communication or NFC in its microchip implant, which is the same contactless payment system present in many smartphone today. Other payment implants today use another technology called radio-frequency identification (RFID), which is similar to what is found in many debit and credit cards.

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UK Microchip Implants Sparks Concerns About the End Times

Despite about 51% of people in the UK and European Union seemingly agreeing to using microchip implants, critics have raised concerns about privacy and security issues. But Walletmor says that the microchip implant will not allow tracking as it is not designed for that purpose.

In 2021 amidst the mass distribution of COVID vaccines, a video highlighting the microchip implant efforts containing a vaccine passport by a Swedish company went viral on the Internet, CBN News reported. Such technology sparked fears and outrage over possible governmental control. About 6,000 people in Sweden had the microchip implant inserted into their hands since 2014 and citizens had foregone carrying train tickets, ID cards, and keys because of the microchip implant's convenience.

In April, Reading University's Henley Business School professor of policy, governance and ethics Nada Kakabadse told the BBC, "There is a dark side to the technology that has a potential for abuse."

Meanwhile, Christians believe that the microchip implant technology is the very same thing that the Bible talks about in the New Testament, which warns against the "Mark fo the Beast," a sign that the End Times are coming. Evangelist Ray Comfort, who is the founder of Living Waters Publications and the ministry The Way of the Master, raised concerns in a YouTube video about how the technology may be used to control who can buy or sell, just as vaccine passports have done.

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