Religious leaders met to "bless" Whole's Woman Health, an abortion facility in Indiana, noting that killing an unborn baby is morally acceptable.

The 2020 Terminated Pregnancy Report of the Indiana Department of Health showed that Whole's Woman Health aborted more than 350 unborn fetuses in that year alone.

Sharon Lau, an abortion advocacy director, appriacated the support from local religious leaders. She told a local news outlet that as the clergy supported them, in return, they will help their parishioners who seek advice about their reproductive decisions.

The event was utilized by pro-abortion religious leaders to promote the concept that individuals may be religious while supporting abortion, in the wake of the leaked Supreme Court Opinion on overturning Roe v. Wade.

Rev. Marie Siroky claimed that abortion wasn't morally wrong, citing religious texts and people do not believe in the notion that life starts at conception. She believed no spirituality or tradition prioritizes the life of the fetus over that of the mother. She also used in her arguments that certain canon in the Catholic faith states that a pregnant woman out of rape and sexual violence should not be forced to push through with her pregnancy.

Abortion, according to Whole Woman's Health Alliance managing director Sonja Miller, is a proper intervention that has been politicized, resulting in profoundly toxic and harmful religious narratives.

Lau said for every 100,000 patients who refused abortion services in Indiana, 20-35 will die in childbirth or pregnancy due to Indiana's high maternal mortality rates. However, if new state law is passed, she said the organization isn't opposed to contesting it.

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Pro-life Advocates Blasted The Religious Leaders

A pro-life news outlet decried the acts of the clergy as well as the abortion clinic emphasizing the number of lives, they had taken away for the year 2020.

Life News stated that these pro-abortion religious leaders were using their influence to promote "death and violence." They urged them to promote life, love, and compassion for women and children instead.

In contrast with Siroky's claims about abortion, Life News said that it wasn't true. Despite the fact that the Bible does not directly mention "abortion," they claim it condemns any life-destroying conduct. They quoted other Bible texts to back their arguments that God despises the shedding of innocent blood the most, noting that abortion was considered murder.

The group said, true Christianity opposes violence and champions the weakest. It stands up for the defenseless and shows sympathy to those who are suffering. This is what secular and religious pro-life advocates do every day for women and newborns all across the world, they said. Life advocates provide actual benefits to struggling families by informing them that every life is precious.

"In the name of religion," the group said, some Christian leaders are distorting the truth and leading people astray. They are endangering the futures of numerous children in society by doing so.

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