Hallmark Actress Jane Lilley and her husband Jayson Wayne were surprised about the unforgettable delivery of their newborn daughter last May 12.

Lilley told People Magazine that she had no idea she was in labor. Baby Jacqueline "Jackie" Grace arrived seven minutes after getting to the emergency room. The mom of four recalled the midwife frantically saying "Get off her pants!" to nurses and wondered why they think the baby is coming.

The couple was stunned when the midwife said "She has quite a bit of hair." Lilley said she must be joking but it was a strange thing to joke about. Then they realized that they were going to have the baby that time.

"If I hadn't left when I did, I would have had her in the car, and I'm not sure she would have survived," she said.

The couple was amazed when they found out about the pregnancy last October. Though baby Jackie was planned, they never thought about her because Lilley said she was under stress at the height of new COVID variants.

Although she didn't take prenatal vitamins, and with her past miscarriages, she trusted the Lord to protect and empower her through the pregnancy. God indeed protected them after Lilley successfully delivered baby Jackie. Through her experience, she named the baby "Jackie" which means "God will protect her," and Grace which means "God will empower her."

She recalled texting her husband and their nanny in a group text while in the long line at Canadian customs, saying "I think I'm pregnant right now?" Then they went to a doctor to confirm the pregnancy. The couple said they felt happy.

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Helping Children In Foster Care

After her pregnancy, she celebrated also the success of her project "Christmas Is Not Cancelled," an initiative to raise money to help foster children with their education, CBN News reported. The Hallmark star recently shared they collected more than 2,000 backpacks with school supplies for children in foster care.

Lilley also set up a project recently called "Camp Christmas" that would be happening in July. This campaign would be helping children in foster care to go back to their education with all the supplies they needed for the school year. Watch out for the registration that coming on June 15.

She told Hallmark Channel that many homeless kids in foster care say "school is their safe place." According to the actress, it's important to help these children to be successful since many of them don't graduate high school.

Helping children in foster care was closed to her heart. She was a mother of three children through adoption namely: Kayden, Jayden, and Julie. Her three children were excited when they found out the news of having a baby sister.

Lilley said she started having conversations with Kayden about a bit of the adoption. Kayden started asking "So when I'm in your belly..." and then she began explaining to him. It was a wonderful introduction, the Christian actress added.

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