Thanks to the contributions and love from the community, 300 students have received new backpacks and school supplies this fall, a Los Angeles non-profit announced on August 9.

The backpacks, containing the new school supplies, were delivered to students in foster care — specifically, those under the care of the Asian Pacific Project within the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) — on Wednesday morning by Korean American Family Services (KFAM). KFAM hosted its annual campaign, called ‘Backpacks of Love,’ during the month of July to gather new school supplies and backpacks for students in foster care.

Among those who contributed included Good Stewards Church, located in West Covina, which purchased 10 backpacks and sets of school supplies and donated them to KFAM.

“We are grateful for the members of the Korean community who have shown a huge interest in this fourth annual event,” said Connie Chung Joe, the executive director of KFAM.

Though the majority of the backpacks were delivered to the Asian American students in the Asian Pacific Project (APP), students who are hard of hearing and students of Native American descent, whose departments share the same building as the APP, were also able to receive backpacks.

“This year’s campaign was made possible by the support of Hanmi Bank and other Korean businesses, including restaurants and pharmacies, who have participated in and supported this campaign since its launch in 2014,” said Chung Joe. “We look forward to seeing the students have an exciting start to the new school year.”

KFAM, based in Los Angeles, also provides other community services including counseling and awareness seminars on topics such as mental health and domestic violence.