Lifeway Research has found that regular churchgoers and Evangelicals are more likely to be pro-life than those who go to church less often.

In a report released last May by Lifeway Research, an interesting data shows that there is a correlation between the people's opinion on abortion and their attendance in churches or religious participation. The report, that was conducted on behalf of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, shows that those who are active churchgoes leans more toward being pro-life as compared to the "non-religious" who considers pro-choice as a moral right of a person.

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Survey Findings Based On Lifeway Research

Survey says that 64% who held "Evangelical beliefs" identified as pro-life, while 70% of "non-religious" identified as pro-choice. This latest report also emphasized that Christians who attend church frequently were twice as likely to be pro-life: 53% are pro-life verse 19% who are pro-choice.

In contrast, the majority of the respondents who attend church two to four times a month were pro-choice. Approximately 36% identified themselves as pro-choice while 28% said that they are pro-life. Meanwhile, 46% who attend church are less likely to be identified as pro-choice, versus those who identified themselves as someone who opposes abortion.

In a statement published recently by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Adam W. Greenway, he noted that he believes that the report shows how the Evangelical beliefs and practices, particularly their commitment in attending the church regularly, reflects into their opinions and views on whether they are pro-life or pro-choice.

"This underscores the truth that the ultimate solution to this moral problem, like all moral problems, is spiritual transformation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ among individuals that will eventually translate into societal changes," Greenway said via The Christian Post.

Evangelicals More Likely To Oppose Abortion

In addition to this study, The Pew Research Center also released a report in May showing that white Evangelicals, specifically those groups who were included in the survey, were most likely to lean that abortion should be illegal in most cases. Survey shows that there are 53% who agrees to this, and 21% who are most likely to oppose abortion in all cases.

Pew made an interesting observation that "large numbers of Americans favor certain restrictions on access to abortions." According to the research center, most of those who say that abortion must legalized, and some cases illegal, say that "how long a woman has been pregnant should be a factor in determining whether abortion is legal or illegal."

Both the Supreme Court and Politico noted that draft was not final. This is primarily because of the case and survey, several protests, and a heavy number of incidents sparked movements such as vandalism against church and pregnancy resource centers.

The study according to Lifeway Research consists of the online survey of "1,155 Americans was conducted by Lifeway Research April 20 - May 3, 2022 using a blend of national pre-recruited panels. Quotas and slight weights were used to balance gender, age, region, ethnicity, household income and marital status to reflect the population more accurately."

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